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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma MG7150

Canon Pixma MG7150 Driver Download. This model upscale announced in September, the MG7150 printer is a three-in-one that is intended for individuals seeking versatility to print text and photos. As MG6350 it replaces, this Pixma incorporates a touch screen of 8.8 cm at its control panel, touch also. The program for this multi-function: a gray cartridge (or 6 separate cartridges in total), the ability to print from a mobile device or from the Internet, and new, like direct access to cloud platforms, to photo albums, to social networks and improvements app Pixma Printing Solutions to control the remote printer. The MG7150 is available in 2 colors: black or white. Aesthetically, it is entirely consistent with the old model. Elegant, round and shiny, it does recognize the DNA of Canon. You will not have to be ashamed of multifunction in your home. Its size and weight (46 x 36 x 14 cm for about 8 kg) fall into the compact series, although the width takes the place of a third of the (large) desktop. The interfaces are multiple high speed USB, Ethernet (10/100 Mbps) Wi-Fi (WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK, WEP), administration password. The duplex is also in the game.

Canon PIXMA MG7150 Printer Driver Download
In recent years, Canon is trying to catch up at the touch and connectivity. Like all the latest Pixma the MG7150 integrates applications Print your day, designed to print photos from Facebook, My Image Garden and Creative Park Premium, an image bank which, among other things, create calendars, greeting cards ... print posters enriched with new content from National Geographic and NASA space 3D models ready to be printed. The novelty has direct access to the Cloud, the direct printing of photos from online albums (Picasa, Flickr), direct access to photos on social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and storage platforms in Cloud (Evernote, Dropbox). The free application Pixma Printing Solutions (available on iOS and Android) to control the machine from a smartphone has been improved. It now provides information on the status of the printer, allows access to the manual, and start updating the software. In addition to these implementations, it is also, and above all, designed to print documents and photos or scan (in Jpeg or PDF) directly on smartphone or tablet, and it works very well.

Canon Pixma MG7150 Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Canon PIXMA MG7150

The speeds have changed little since the previous model (MG 6350). Our clock falls 12 pages per minute (ppm) in color and 6 ppm in black and white. Speed black and white is reduced because longer drying times on Canon printers. Speeds lower than those of the HP Photosmart 6520 prints respectively 13 and 19 ppm. In the photo, the measured times tell us that it will take 1 minute 18 seconds to print an A4 photo and only 23 seconds for a photo 10 x 15 cm.

Canon PIXMA MG7150 Printer Driver Download
If we had a habit of allocating 5 star quality to high-end printers from Canon, the note is now burdened with the test procedure that incorporates consideration of the average color differences (dE 94) recorded on paper standard and photo paper. Over this average is, the less the printer is faithful. Canon takes the party to "push" voluntarily colors to make them more vivid. So loyalty is not really the appointment and the probe verdict penalizes the note. Relativize still emphasizing that, to the eye, rendering may sound pleasing to the eyes of those who do not make the justice a guarantee of quality. It's a matter of taste. Canon remains one of the best in terms of rendering and particularly manages the versatility between office printing and picture.

In our test chart, we perceive the drops on solid color. However, the drop size (1 picoliter) remains particularly small compared to those of other printers; going up to 3 picoliters. The characters lack precision and depth, affecting significantly the reading of the legend in yellow. The average color difference is 12.2. This is more than the HP Officejet 6700 Premium goes up to 10 or HP Photosmart 6520 whose average is 9. The blue, green, red and magenta are particularly above average. The overall picture quality of prints is worthy of a good photo printer. The colors are less saturated than usual Canon. The drops are no longer visible. The outputs are accurate file details are transcribed to the printing and the resolution is excellent. However, a slight hint of red is perceived in black and white.

Download Driver Printer Canon PIXMA MG7150
It provides a scan to PC, scan documents (PDF, Compact PDF), Photograph (Jpeg, Tiff, PNG), Auto Scan Mode, PDF creation with security through optional password, OCR (OCR), scan and send by email, scan-to-cloud, scan to email, scan to memory card. Practical! The copier is not the fastest. It will take 17 seconds for a black and white copy and 40 seconds for a color copy. However, the possibilities of settings and the clarity of the interface are assets to put on the account of this printer.

We can either print nothing set by selecting "black" for black and white and "color" to copy a document in color. For settings must be entered in the settings. They plan to change the size, intensity contrast, paper selection, layout and duplex. The quality of the copy mode, as always, remains average. This mode is primarily designed to reproduce the text. Once copied, the colors stand out and washed out the features are less accurate. Copy mode of the Canon is not worse than that of another printer. However, the color difference is revealed higher than the HP Photosmart 6520 that obtained 3.2 against 7.5 measured here.

Download Printer Driver Canon PIXMA MG7150
Here is a low energy, silent printer. Demonstrated by the measurements made by our devices: 0.7 W standby and 19 W in work mode; of consumption in the average inkjet printers. It is particularly silent, without that activates the silent mode (the measurements are made as standard), and emits 45 dB measured sound level meter. For the record, the printers are considered noisy from 50 dB. The cost per page of 9.4 cents (with XL cartridges) is just average cost to the recently calculated page. If the arrival of XL size has reduced the cost per page of Canon, hitherto little competitive with others, the cost is still higher than other models. The cost per page Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro 5500 is 6.9 cents with XL cartridges. It does not reach the record for the HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus or 5.5 cents an Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4525DNF. Nevertheless, we find that the cost per page inkjets becomes really very competitive with the laser. Printing time since the voltage application may vary. We have considered more advantageous to the printer; however, if the printer clock snaps head cleaning, you must wait 2 minutes and 50 seconds before you can print the first page. It's long. The recovery time from the day before and are quite hot means. As an indication, the HP Photosmart 6520 is more reactive, with 12 seconds to exit standby and 7 seconds to warm. 

Download Printer Driver Canon PIXMA MG7150
The Pixma MG7150 is very close to the old model (MG6350) in many ways: print quality, speed, design. This new model reinforces the manufacturer's position on direct printing online albums, photos on social networks options offered by the HP Photosmart series for several years. Canon stands again and again by the print quality and versatility.


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