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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Download Driver HP LaserJet M1132

HP LaserJet M1132 Driver Download. It quickly becomes clear that the laser printer is intended to be the entry-level model of the multifunction laser at HP. Since it can only be connected via USB, but not via LAN or WLAN, the printer is primarily suitable for use at a single workstation. Of course you can still share the printer there, but the use is really comfortable only for one user.

Since the laser printer is unable to print in color, the M1132 is rather uninteresting for home users. In private households should often stand only a single device. However, should a photo be printed, it is preferable to use a color printer.

Nevertheless, there is a good reason to bring the small HP home: In the home office. There he plays his strengths very well. With its small dimensions (41.5 x 26.5 x 25 cm) it takes up very little space and can be placed so close to the target computer. HP gives the optimal print quantity for the small Laserjet on the manufacturer side with 250 to 2000 (maximum: 8000). This quickly makes it clear who the real target group is: Anyone who has to print large amounts of text alone. Be it literature for study, longer papers for the academic or multi-page reports for the professional. However, if you need colored pictures for this, you either have to spend much more money (in-house competitor: HP Color Laser Multifunction Printer LJ Pro Pro 200 M276n)) or waive the multi-functional equipment. (Alternative: color laser without multifunction ).

HP LaserJet M1132 Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver HP LaserJet M1132
The small black and white laser also has no document feeder. So if you have to scan a lot, you will not be satisfied with the flatbed scanner alone. This is more of a nice-to-have to scan from time to time. But who decides for this printer, should do this primarily because of the printing functions, not because of the other. Looking at the HP namely as such, you will receive a device that can certainly convince with a fair price / performance ratio, as the next sections explain in more detail.

Toner change in the first month? - What does an expression cost?
The supplied starter toner is specified on the manufacturer's page with around 700 pages. This quantity is quite in the monthly volume of pressure designated by HP as optimal. So it can happen that the toner has to be replaced already in the first month.

A replacement toner would cost at the time in the original around 55 € and then keep 1600 pages (about 3.5 cents per page). There is an alternative "compatible" (= third-party) toner for 15 € already, it holds according to 2000 pages (about 0.75 cents per page). One should not be shocked that the starter toner must be replaced early, an economical printing is quite possible from the change.

Print speed and subjective impression
To see clearly here: The paper tray is not integrated and therefore stands out. If this bothers you, you may have to resort to a larger device. (A click on the picture leads directly to the Amazon shop)

The print quality is - as usual from HP - very good, confirm the numerous reviews on After only 8.5 seconds, the printer is ready to print and then prints 18 pages (b / w) per minute. So, if you do not want to wait long for a long document to print, then the Laserjet Pro M1132 is certainly not the wrong choice. With the scanner, the speed depends a bit on the desired resolution. But if you consider that you have to place the paper manually on the flatbed anyway (no document feeder), the scan speed should not really play a role.

In addition, one should not bother that the paper tray is not an integrated drawer (as well as the size?). So something stands out, as the picture on the right clearly shows. In the reversal train, you can get over it again that there is no single sheet feeder, because so an extra sheet of paper is placed quickly on the regular stack.
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