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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Download Driver HP LaserJet Pro M125a

HP LaserJet Pro M125a Driver DownloadThe HP LaserJet Pro M125a works properly for about 3 years, the installation of the software and the operation of the device are easy to understand, so that every roommate or guest can use the printer quickly. The scans are of good quality and above all it is very useful that scanning is controlled from a program on a PC or laptop. So you can accurately scan texts without annoying edges because you can set custom sizes for the scanning area and preview are other arrangements are possible (cut, rotate, brightness / contrast) As a negative thing I accounted for the display, the display is dark that it is always tedious to decipher what is there - but you hardly ever need it, so it's not bad.

Really very useful would be a USB input, so you can print from a stick from a file, that is not in the device and unfortunately you always have a laptop ready, which is already connected via W-Lan to the printer and what the necessary drivers are installed. But that also works reliably! What does not exist is a multiple page feed, so each page needs to be scanned / copied one at a time. Since I do not need this function for home use (students and the usual paperwork) and I have chosen the device to meet my needs, I give it no deduction. A toner I had to order only once a year or once in two years, the alternative product has cost 13 €, which is definitely economical and also the purchase price included you get so cheaper by studying than always in the library or shop 5c per copy to pay - provided you also needed more often whole articles and larger extracts from books. For me, the investment has paid off and I can recommend this device after prolonged use!

HP LaserJet Pro M125a Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver HP LaserJet Pro M125a

Download Printer Driver HP LaserJet Pro M125a
I am very satisfied with the device. The only criticism is the unlit LCD display which is therefore difficult to see. A backlight of the display would be needed. Since I was totally annoyed by inkjet printers, I finally bought a laser printer. It's always said that if you do not print a lot you should use an inkjet printer, but that meant that the cartridge dried up and the printheads had to be cleaned each time. Now with this laser printer I print and print quickly clean and without any problems. I can recommend it to anyone. This printer was set up very quickly and works absolutely reliable.

This printer fully fulfills my wishes. I can only advise to buy this device. Fast delivery and excellent function. Gladly again. The printer I have now more than 2 years in use. I bought it because on the one hand I was looking for a printer that was cheap to buy and maintain. With this printer I had found the right one for me. I still have the original laser cartridge in it and use it. I also use the printer very irregularly. Therefore, a laser printer was the prerequisite for me. Furthermore, the printer can also scan and copy. Furthermore I regularly use my iPhone to print emails or other information. Again, I am very satisfied with the printer. I did not even have to load any software. Hope that I can continue to use the printer for many years and have never regretted the purchase to date.

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