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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Download Driver Brother HL-3142CW

Brother HL-3142CW Drivers Download. The color laser printer comes in a very large package and weighs 17.4 kg - so a very nice monster. The toner of the printer are already inserted in the printer in the designated compartments upon delivery. All you have to do is remove the transport lock on each of the four toner cartridges and this is really quick and easy. The Brother HL-3142CW driver setup of the printer was very easy. I inserted the enclosed CD in my computer and integrated the color laser printer in my W-Lan network with the help of the assistant (and a printer cable, which is NOT included with the printer). Please do not connect the printer cable to a multi-stroke USB because this does not work properly, the printer is simply not recognized in the setup wizard, so do not use a HUB! After this "basic device" in your own Wi-Fi network, the printer can be set up on any other notebook or PC without a cable using the CD. Both with the App of Android (Brother iPrint & Scan), as well as Airprint from Apple can be easily printed from the smartphone.

The toner cartridges have different than here in another review called 700 pages a print volume of 1000 pages advertised. The cartridges can be replaced individually. The latest generation of Brother color laser printers has a very nice print image. Also, the prints of photos and pictures I find much natural and finer than the older color laser generations (my comparison Brother HL-3070 and this printed really good, but the HL3142 has an even better print image). Text printing is excellent anyway !!

Important tip: The laser printer has an internal counter and at some point the printer announces that the cartridges are empty and need to be replaced. But this is just the toner counter and says nothing about the level of the toner cartridges. Now to reset the counter: Switch off the device and fully open the upper flap of the printer when switched off. With the flip open, turn on the printer on the display - a red "Error" light flashes every second. Now on the display simultaneously press "Secure" and "Cancel" and then release the keys again. Thus, one enters the menu to reset the individual counters for each toner cartridge. Here are two settings per color that you can reset (for example: BK.TNR-STD and BK. TNR-STR for the color black and waste toner box black). This menu is accessed by using the + and - buttons (up or down arrow). The deletion is confirmed with "OK" and then the reset by pressing the "+" key (up arrow) - or Cancel by pressing the "-" key (arrow down).

This action will zero the internal counter and allow you to print until the toner cartridges are really empty. My last brother color laser printer (HL-3070) printed with the starter toner from the advertised 700 pages genuine 1400 printouts. I did this reset on my old printer 3x (but with a different key combination), because the printer complained after 300 prints, the cartridges were empty and need to be replaced. Please note that eventually, of course, each cartridge is printed empty and must be replaced with a full cartridge !! Replacement toner cartridges are named TN-242

I write it so extensively because I've been looking for this tip for a long time and would like to help you print favorably with this color laser printer and unnecessarily exchange half full toner cartridges. This tip works for all three new printer types: Brother HL-3142, Brother HL-3152 and even Brother HL-3172. I can recommend this printer with a clear conscience - a very well-made and stable device (nothing clatters or rappels) Feels really valuable.

Brother HL-3142CW Printer Driver Download
Brother's color laser printer is still doing his job undeterred. Three weeks ago, I replaced all the toner cartridges against those of a third party manufacturer (product name: TN-242) for a total price of € 59.90 and great colors, no problems - continues to print as with original cartridges. * Firmware Update 1.05 * on the Brother page to find. I have NOT installed this firmware, although this update is necessarily recommended by Brother. From painful experience with a Brother inkjet printer, I have learned. After the "Ink" a firmware update was successful, this printer accepted no foreign cartridges. So the color laser printer, I wait, do not install this software because the color laser still prints reliably.

Brother offers a free add-on option for customers who purchased the printer from Amazon. Here, upon registration, the 3-year warranty on wearing parts will be extended for free. (Please note that color cartridges are not consumable but consumables). It is also important that in the case of a warranty repair (+ warranty extension) this expires when using third-party cartridges. So either you send the printer with installed Original Brother ink cartridges, or the warranty is rejected because of non-original cartridges.

Brother HL-3142CW Driver & Software Download

Download Driver Brother HL-3142CW

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-3142CW
So far, the color laser printer inconspicuous and reliable his service, I'm still very satisfied and would buy him again and again.

Firmware updated
I decided today, despite third-party cartridges on the latest firmware version ( 1.07 and 1.02 Sub) to switch (a firmware version I skipped, because the risk that afterwards my inserted third-party. The cartridges are no longer accepted by the printer - very high!) Update 4: 4.9.16 - Firmware Update 1.08 / 1.02 from 21.7. 16. Update still worked without restriction of the third-party manufacturer cartridges! Printer is still doing very satisfactorily his service. Real good print without smearing. Printer is even (Apple) printable. Unlike Android devices, both my Iphone SE, as well as Ipad Pro9.7, as well as Ipad mini 4 print in excellent quality. When printing an Android smartphone, the printed image looks dark and washed out. I think that's due to the truck driver of the Android system. As I said about Apple devices, it works great to produce images, PDF and printouts of all kinds.

The update was via Wi-Fi within about 5 min. carried out. The printer runs as reliable as ever even with non-original cartridges. From my side so "green light". But if the update goes wrong, or problems arise with the firmware update that did not exist before - please do not nail me to it. A guarantee can give you only the manufacturer Brother. I'm just a simple user who wants to share my experiences. * If I notice something negative - or positive - since the firmware update, I'll keep you up to date.

Download Driver Printer Brother HL-3142CW
After some customers wrote me down on the authenticity and impartiality of my Brother rating , here is my statement: First of all, I did not want to justify myself for a commentator's claim that I was biased / paid by the Brother company or other competing companies. That's not the case, I'm a simple user who is happy with this printer. As a prime customer on 6.2.15, I bought this printer for the full price and I do not regret this purchase for a second. Very reliable wi-fi printer that does its job without complaining. At the end of October 2016 it was time again and I acquired another set of toner cartridges. This time from the company Silver-Trade (price currently € 55.90 incl. Shipping), because of the very good Amazon ratings. * Also here I have no ambitions for this company! I have to say, these toner cartridges are just as outstanding as original products. Very fast shipping, very good print quality. Thank you very much.


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