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Canon Pixma iP4950 Driver Download. After the first Canon Pixma IP4600 has given up the ghost after 10 months despite low print volumes and careful treatment (defective printhead - a new cost more than the whole device), we have the Pixma IP gained us 4950 because we wanted to print on CD.-ROMS , In the rare cases in which we succeeded in an expression, the typeface, the print quality is very beautiful and very good. Unfortunately, it's the exception that a sheet of paper is printed correctly. Before each print cartridges will cleaned, which takes about 3-4 minutes. By Pixma iP4950 spend time just quickly a page is unfortunately not possible. Apart from consuming the permanent rinses (which are carried out without being asked and that you can not turn off) so that the range of a cartridge set is immense amounts of ink in a few dozen pages. That sometimes only half pages are printed, black and white prints are not possible when the color (!) Cartridge is missing, or the choice of the subject is not working for the paper feeder, is mentioned only in passing.

Canon Pixma iP4950 Printer Driver Download
I have to print in use to mainly CD's and DVD's for a long time Canon inkjet printers. It is not uncommon that I have printed 200 blanks in one go for training. At first I had a Pixma iP4600 with whom I was very pleased. When this printed after several thousand blanks and as many sheets of paper had a defect in the electronics I wanted to share the same printer because of the excellent print quality that was given despite the use of refill to last reveal the same model again. But the time had gone and there was only the iP4850, which was compatible in any point with the pre-predecessor. This started with the hardware components (printhead, ink cartridges, CD-carrier, paper tray cassette) and heard in the software (CD-LabelPrint) on.

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Download Driver Canon PIXMA iP4950

Driver Canon PIXMA iP4950 Download
But what constituted the greatest difference was of the ink consumption. I was able to print with a set of ink cartridges over 250 blanks in all-over print in Photo iP4600, the iP4850 for a print job from nearly 200 blanks spent two whole cartridge sets. In addition to more than twice as much ink despite smaller ink drop, the print job also required a lot more time, because on average by 10 to 20 printed blanks expired a long cleaning process. Even if the printer has printed 200 pages in a row, he puts always a cleaning breaks, the press, the effective number of printed pages per minute considerably below the factory specifications.

Download Driver Printer Canon PIXMA iP4950
If the printer is switched off between two print jobs, or he moves according to the settings automatically to the idle state, so every time when powering back a lengthy cleaning process is due. The iP4850 and iP4950 his successor waste more ink on the intermediate through cleaning processes than they use for printing or paper blanks and thus drive the operating costs extremely higher. A demand on my part from the manufacturer support showed that the purification processes are necessary both during the printing process, as well as by short because of the high print quality. What I do not understand, however, is that the iP4600 has delivered a similarly high print quality at significantly lower cleaning processes. My guess is the fact that Canon printer virtually given away in order to earn the cost of so much the better, since a complete original Canon cartridges set (5 cartridges) depending on supply with 60, - to 80, - almost as much costs Euro as the printer. Because of the enormous ink consumption unfortunately I can only express a flawed an otherwise good printer. answer


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