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Monday, July 23, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma iX4000

Canon Pixma iX4000 Driver Download. In advance I must say that I have the last few years even the top models of Canon with up to 8 separate inks possessed (S9000, i9100, i9950). Although I was very happy with all of them, the immense printing costs of the numerous ink cartridges bothered me, which is why I switched to the photo lab. But it always hugged me, because printing photos yourself is just a great thing and has a bit of Polaroid. So I ordered a few months ago the iX4000 at Amazon and was curious how the photo quality is. And what should I say? Simply stunning, simply gorgeous!

I mainly print larger photos between A4 and A3 +, but all my office / writing stuff goes over it. With the original inks and the Canon photo paper PR-101 or its successor PR-201 one achieves such a high-quality print quality, which one does not seem to be able to distinguish from an 8-color printer. The colors are full with a very clean course, even black and white prints have a convincing presentation and good contrast. The printing costs by only four separate colors really keep within limits.

Canon Pixma iX4000 Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Canon Pixma iX4000

Driver Canon Pixma iX4000 Download
The printhead indicates by blinking lamps, what the level is, changing the ink tank is very easy. The Canon Pixma iX4000 printing speed is fast and completely sufficient for my needs, if you want to print faster, you can switch to the (otherwise identical) iX5000. The design on the product photos somehow not so over, as he actually stands there, because this is quite excellent. When closed, it looks like an object from the Bauhaus, he cuts a fine figure despite its incalculability. The horseshoe-shaped case frame, which also serves as a cover and paper holder, is really a very good idea.

The only thing I miss, is the lack of CD printing, that would have been good for him. But I do not make a deduction because of the really low price. Incidentally, I use the Tetenal Spectra Jet Duo Print Paper with 130 grams as high-quality business paper, and for all other office supplies, the Canon "eats" almost every paper without problems. Although the iX4000 is not the top-of-the-line Canon printer, it's the most compelling photo and universal printer for me in all of its features.

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