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Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4010 Driver Download. After our respected Canon Pixma iP4000 separated hopeless, the mission for another shading printer started. The most critical necessities for another printer were great solidness, great quality prints, and sensible printing expenses. The last one ended up being the most difficult prerequisite to satisfy, on the grounds that exploration demonstrated that most inkjet models cost a ton of ink and require regular cartridge substitutions - notwithstanding when they are not utilized much. Numerous cartridges don't contain much ink and a decent piece of it can be squandered through programmed cleanings and print head alterations. In numerous purchaser level models this issue is irritated by the way that they have stand out ink cartridge that contains every one of the hues. So when one shading is unfilled, the entire cartridge must be supplanted despite the fact that different hues may not yet be void. 

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4010 Printer Driver Download
Focused on examination for inkjet printers with low per page expense turned up the Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4020. On the other hand, that printer has wifi, and we didn't need an extra wellspring of remote radiation in the house. Research in the printer documentation and a call to Epson client administration cleared up that there was no real way to turn wifi off, regardless of the fact that the printer would just be utilized through a USB association. Also, Epson client administration was not ready to propose an option item. Some time later I discovered the WP-4010. It is fundamentally the same to the WP-4020, with a couple of vital contrasts: 

- It has a wired system association and no wifi. (Both printers likewise have a USB port.) 

- it has a three year guarantee while the WP-4020 just has an one year guarantee. 

- It is white/dark rather than dark. 

These distinctions were favorable circumstances for me, and at the season of our buy (mid 2013) the printer was at a bargain for about $100, which was essentially the same cost with respect to the WP-4020. We have been utilizing the WP-4010 for right around a year now and in general are exceptionally fulfilled by the item. It creates great quality prints in dark and shading, has generally been working dependably, notwithstanding for duplex prints, and has had a low ink utilization. 

Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4010 Software Driver Download
Download Driver Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4010

Download Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4010 Driver
Here are various particular contemplations and tips for this printer: 
1. The printer is extensive. Pay consideration on the estimations in the item determinations and verify you have a spot where you can put it. It is a considerable amount bigger than numerous shopper grade printers. 

2. Despite the fact that the printer has a wired system association, you can in any case print from a PC over a remote association. For that to work the printer must be associated with a remote switch with a systems administration link and arranged accurately. It accepted another call to Epson client administration to make sense of how to set up this system association. They prompted me to download and utilize the EpsonNet Config Utility, and with that utility I could appoint an altered IP location to the printer that PCs on the neighborhood system can print to (in the wake of introducing and designing the printer driver). 

3. The printer has four separate ink cartridges, one for every shading and one for dark. 

Try not to change an ink cartridge when the light for the cartridge begins squinting, showing low ink levels. Hold up until the light turns strong and the printer lets you know that the cartridge must be changed. We printed most likely more than 200 extra pages with the low ink lights squinting, with no decrease in print quality. 

4. The starter cartridges accompanying the printer ought to keep going for around 1,000 blended shading pages (not photograph prints, but rather pages with dark content and shading pictures). On the off chance that the starter cartridges ought to purge much prior (as a few individuals reported for the 4020), call Epson client administration, gripe about the issue, and solicitation another arrangement of starter cartridges. 

5. Covered in the menus for this printer is the choice to print a status page, which incorporates the means dark and shading pages printed as such. On a Windows 7 PC, here is one approach to print this status page: 

- From the Start Menu, select "Gadgets and Printers". 

- Right tap on the symbol for the WP-4010 and click on "Printer properties" in the connection menu (NOT "Properties", which is another choice). 

- Click the tab "Discretionary Settings". 

- Click the catch "Printer Settings..." 

- Click the catch "Print Status Sheet" 

6. Other than the ink cartridges, these WorkForce Pro printer models have another consumable thing. That is a supposed support box, which gathers ink utilized for cleaning and head change. When I got an extra one it costed about $15, and one appears to keep going for quite a while (I am still on the first), however I hadn't encountered something to that effect some time recently. 

7. The printer functions admirably with both our Windows and Mac PCs. A couple times amid the year we needed to restart the switch and printer in light of the fact that the printer couldn't be found on the system, yet it has not been a noteworthy issue. 

8. The printer has performed well with our low-volume shading printing needs. We as of now had a laser printer for the greater part of the highly contrasting printing we do - so the WP-4010 has essentially been utilized for the occasional shading prints, despite the fact that it could most likely supplant the laser printer. The WP-4010 has not utilized any intemperate measures of ink for cleaning or print head conformities. When we didn't utilize it for over a week, starting prints were once in a while uneven, yet this issue vanished after a couple pages or a head cleaning, and could be maintained a strategic distance from alltogether by not letting the printer sit unused for a really long time at once. 

9. It would be ideal if you take note of that the WP-4010 (pretty much as the WP-4020) is a standalone printer and does exclude a scanner/copier/fax. Different models in the WorkForce Pro arrangement are multifunction gadgets, e.g. the WP-4530. 

Download Driver Printer Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4010
Despite the fact that there are a couple negatives (low ink pointer turning on too soon, troublesome access to page numbers, absence of documentation about system setup), regardless i'm giving the printer 5 stars, in light of the fact that it is a high caliber, solid printer with a low for each page cost. I'm still content with the buy and the printer has performed superior to anything anticipated.

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