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Download Driver Canon Pixma MX475

Canon Pixma MX475 Driver Download. The Canon Pixma MX475 provides the size as the other printers from the same manufacturer, is here with me, the MX 895 in continuous use. From the functions, there are no dramatic differences to the older brother, who has since been replaced by MX 925th The software relies on tried and tested. The main difference is found in the fact that the MX 475 just two ink cartridges to be used. And just as evident by a significantly different pressure behavior. Who here has printing large photos or prints, takes time! The technique 2-cartridge is not designed for frequent printing, or rapid pressure but for the occasional printer.

Canon Pixma MX475 Printer Driver Download
A second paper tray back up there are not, so that each sheet must be rotated 180 degrees in pressure, ie thick paper, for example, Certificates for I can not print with the MX 475th For the integration into WLAN is easily as printing directly from the iPhone immediately succeeded. So who really is just an opportunity printer, which I can recommend the MX 475th Sorry but I have been able to discover any inexpensive refill cartridges. Thus, the MX 475 is but then again very quickly expensive! And then it is the question of whether the nearly 100 € but not worth more for the model when counting the cost of three years experience. Convince me of the MX 475 can not at the end. Since then however the Better (MX 895) enemy of the good (MX475)

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Canon Pixma MX475 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MX475
Installation is relatively fast and is well described in the manual. In addition, you will be well guided via the display through the installation. The pressure itself takes place quickly, even if a little lead time of a few seconds is required. The print quality, whether black / white or color is good with a good resolution. Can be copied or scanned using the direct installation on the supporting surface (such as books) or through the automatic document feeder (with multiple pages). Scans can be saved in the following formats: JPEG, TIFF, PNG and PDF.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MX475
Printer, scanner, copier, fax and all wireless, so today is the state of the printer by 100 €. The price is very tempting, but just bait, because the running costs are still very high by the ink supplies. Following the purchase of only 4 cartridges sets (A 25 € or 40 € for XL) one has already overtaken the equipment price. The ink lasts for approximately 100 pages, that sounds like a proud figure, but results in some households with children safe after 1-2 weeks for ink replacement. After I have always had at least 5 color cartridges, are only 2, one with 3 chambers in use.


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