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Download Driver Canon Pixma MX515

Canon Pixma MX515 Driver Download. The Canon Pixma MX515 Canon belongs to the category "awesome" among printers: fax, scan, copy, print, and even from your smartphone and wirelessly. Sounds good at first, how is the reality? Here on the desk waiting for my PC with Windows7 / 64, as the TabletPC smartphone from Acer has to serve (at least back to the function for Canon Android and again, all at check without cable). When unpacking I first marveled at the weight, compared to other printers you have to raise. The space required is slightly larger than for a standard printer. Overall, the device looks a bit clunky. The Software: 5 years old my Canon Pixma and Canon Lide scanners have almost the same software, also from the UI ago, everything seemed unfortunately a little dusty, the ease of use I have experienced better at other printers. The second time uploading everything then works even the first, user-uploading did not work a few things.

Canon Pixma MX515 Printer Driver Download
Operation: directly on the printer a bit too complicated. There is a small screen and the "built-in" Menu opens not intuitive. Also I had been better for printers of competition. Operation via the computer is ok, and I know most of my old equipment ago. A new small control panel on the desktop has been added and at least the basic operation of the scanner, for example, has become easier. Fax goes directly from the device, and is very easy to get a telephone connection should, however, be located in the vicinity of the device, a small telephone cable is attached (as opposed to a USB printer cable).

Canon Pixma MX515 Software Driver Download
Download Driver Canon Pixma MX515

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MX515
In operation: you have struggled through the instructions and the installation, and looked at all the features, so the printer can be described as good. Not the fastest printing, but the result is very good, even the volume is very pleasant. Scan and copy deliver a very good result (again scanned and copied by the expression, no difference can be seen). Duplex printing works, but takes a little longer, because turning the blade felt needed forever. What most impressed me but has the function of pressure in conjunction with the TabletPC: via wifi was very fast a connection is established, the Tab requires the Canon printing app from the Android Store. This app is stable and is easy to operate. Print files and photos with a fingertip on the touch screen, and only the scanning photos. Simply placed in the scanner, once typed scanning and the image is displayed within a short period without border on the tab and saved automatically.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MX515
Criticisms: the operation is at the printer a little too cumbersome, for example, under the item Wifi is only the wifi enabled, for disabling one must in the Settings item in any submenu. Why not combine the functions of WLAN in a point? The issue raised in the previous review criticism that the combined operation would not work, I can not confirm. For me the pressure with activated WLAN and connecting cables attached directly to the printer via USB works (ie simultaneous printing on the tablet via Wi-Fi and desktop PC with a USB cable). The operation via the router may not work if both are to run, I would not blame the printer. Conclusion: here you get a good device for the money, despite the aforementioned criticisms. Convinced the print result and all the functions keep their promise. The already deposited criticism for Apple Air history I can not understand, in the absence of an iPhone. But in conjunction with a AndroidTab the printer has worked flawlessly and really impressed me.


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