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Download Driver CSL - 300 mbps WiFi USB Adapter

CSL - 300 mbps WiFi USB Driver Download. I gave away a very high-quality and expensive notebook in the family. This notebook has an instant, for the price range and for the well-known manufacturer, very serious and for me never revealed only suspected Handicap. This laptop had an incredible namely poor Wi-Fi reception. I guess now it rings already in the minds of some of Notebook and a few now think of the manufacturer. Even a repair in a specialist workshop and a replacement for the original wireless adapter brought only limited improvement. As a last resort before a conversion I bought 3 WLAN USB sticks with return possibility. I have performed really profound tests with the reception quality, of course, especially with the number of more or less receivable remote transmitter, in all 3 sticks. Even without screwed antenna landed this stick is already on place 2 of my 3 sticks. 

CSL - 300 mbps WLAN Driver Download
The screwed antenna WLAN was better about 1/3 compared with the stick previously tested as best. So who has a similar problem, do not mess but slog use this same stick. Each ext. Stick is optical for a great laptop cruel because there is then a stub antenna also no longer. The price-performance ratio in this stick is very good! My unambiguous recommendation for this part! The stick was needed to establish connection to the Vodafone box after the computer move my parents. A cable solution as previously dropped out because no empty pipes etc. were more freely. The stick was connected to an older PC with Vista Business and Asus motherboard. 

CSL - 300 mbps Wireless Chipset Driver Download
CSL - 300 mbps WiFi USB Driver Download

Download Driver CSL - 300 mbps USB Wireless
The installation went very smoothly. Itself very well! And the connection with the box and the internet functioned immediately - the PC was only 2m next to the box in the same room ... Then we went to the PC in the basement and I had set forward a repeater, etc. But not necessary! Astonished, I'm talking about the good connection quality because the Vodafone box in the tub area is already underwhelming and my parents also have a electric floor heating. But no problem, the 3m be overcome by a wall and the concrete ceiling with heating. I'm not a telecommunications technician, but would like to know how to do it (finish basement stairs?). 

Download Driver USB WLAN CSL - 300 mbps
No matter. My parents are super happy! Me too. Strong buy recommendation! Yes, write CSL computer all versions of Windows, but unfortunately I have to lay because I bought that product and have tried and unfortunately my PC has exposed when installing the this product is not compatible with my operating system is and that's just again "Windows 10". Of course a pity because I now have to wait again. I have a new order of I know now not to de Fast. Perhaps one should just try something before one writes about it !! ?? Good day!


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