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Download Driver HP LaserJet M2727NF

HP LaserJet M2727NF Driver Download. The print image, however, is perfect, the fax also, the Duplex function in copy and print modes is awesome! At rest is nothing to complain about except for the scanner. This is good because of the not really convincing scan quality for simple copies; Here the emphasis was clearly placed on speed, because the first page printed is both in print and copy mode afloat in the output tray. The price-performance ratio of this unit can man call taking into account the currently ongoing cash-back action of HP over 150 euros refund until 31.07.2009 (date of invoice) as well. This action was ultimately my personal impetus to buy.

HP LaserJet M2727NF Printer Driver Download
Since there are only about HP 1 year warranty, I give only 3 instead of 4 stars because for comparison Brother is there with 3 years significantly more generous. As my 8 previous HP laser printer actually perfect - would not be incredibly annoying hum in sleep mode! Must listen to me, I 24 hours a day !!! Is it the power supply / the fan is running. If this is the fan, so its lifetime is foreseeable - as with my nerves. Have therefore the unit returned. Even a second new device managed no remedy. And the HP Contact / Service replied with a standard e-mail! Thank you!

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HP LaserJet M2727NF Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP LaserJet M2727NF
After just over 2 years, there were significant problems with the scanning, despite reinstalling the software crashed repeatedly. After not quite 2.5 years of all AiO is no longer usable because of scanner error. 8 You have to turn on / off, then comes the same error message. According to dealer a known issue. Then HP usually granted an extended warranty of 1 to 2 years. But according to HP support, there is no goodwill from 2 years and more. Now you can dispose of the AiO. For the price offered, as with Amazon, you can buy every year a new AiO from other vendors.

Download Driver Printer HP LaserJet M2727NF
I bought this printer 1 1/2 years ago. Ever since he was 3 times in repairs. Once paper feed defective, then faxing software, then went nothing more. Now after the warranty it is broken again - no more grace. The collection shows wide strips and he crashes several times a day from, dd without turning off nothing works. I can put in the bin the part straight, as service charge and repair are better invested in a new printer. When he went because he actually has its function under Mac OSX met - as small consolation.


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