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Download Driver Zyxel NWD2205 WLAN Adapter

Zyxel NWD2205  Driver Download. ZYXEL NWD2205 WLAN Client Ultra Compact Wireless N USB Adapter. The compact, lightweight design of NWD2205 offers an excellent wearing comfort. The NWD2205 can simply be plugged into the USB port in your desktop computer or notebook to instantaneously increase network speed. In addition, the NWD2205 can be conveniently connected with space problems with the supplied USB cable. By NWD2205 you can build faster wireless connections than with the 802.11g specification. With transfer rates of up to 300 Mbit / s, which is six times faster than the 802.11g standard, you can enjoy anywhere in Wi-Fi range high-speed connections. This equipment not only enables high-speed network environments, but also works with existing 802.11b and 802.11g networks, ie is backward compatible. 

Zyxel NWD2205 USB Wireless Driver Download
The integrated Soft AP - Function (Software Access Point) supports NWD2205 users at lightning-fast development of wireless networks. The NWD2205 must only be plugged into a desktop or notebook computer that are connected to a cable modem or xDSL modem, and already able to build devices on the NWD2205 connect to the internet any other wireless-enabled. The WMM QoS certification of NWD2205 makes it an ideal solution in terms of time-critical applications such as video and voice streaming. The quality of their audio, video and voice applications is drastically improved through the prioritization of data traffic. Thus, you can access family or friends on multimedia content without interruption and this also share. Setting up a secure wireless network is no longer art. WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) takes only a few seconds to establish a secure wireless network - and no complicated setup required. You just press the Setup button (WPS button) and already have a secure wireless network is set up.

Zyxel NWD2205 WLAN Driver Download
Zyxel NWD2205  Driver Download

Download USB WLAN Driver Zyxel NWD2205
Simply plugged into the USB port and it worked immediately without any problems at this NAS to which I can now also access via WLAN. Of course, a special application, but may help with a purchase decision. Sometimes consist connectivity issues after restarts. These manifest to refer by failing connection attempts or difficulties an IP address. A withdrawal and re-insertion of the sticks helps here, however. The product contains "AC1200". This suggests that one could achieve the full 1.2 Gb / s with this stick. However, this is not the case. This is not even mentioned in the technical details of product information from Amazon. Given a glimpse into the poorly formatted product description is necessary: ​​"Data Transfer Rate: 867 Mbps". These are of course quite sufficient for normal use.

Download Driver Zyxel NWD2205 USB Wireless
Under Raspbmc the device is recognized as 8192cu, driver installation is not necessary, only the configuration of the wireless network. Under Raspian interestingly channel 12 and 13 is not attainable. Supposedly can be patching, practically I use currently only Raspbmc, and will look at that on occasion. Under Ubuntu 4.12 (32bit and 64bit) and 14:04 (64bit) is this problem as well.


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