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Download Driver Epson Expression Premium XP-820

Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Driver Download. I have over the years some multifunction devices from different manufacturers (HP, Bother, OKI) tried and am now landed back at Epson. Why is that ? Other manufacturers cook only with water and a panacea rare find. The Epson XP-820 has M. E. worthy of the title. He can really (almost) everything, that is, met my requirements completely to a multifunction device. Compared to Epson FWD820 I had also once the housing has become much more compact, but this unfortunately also brings disadvantages. So the ark (rather cumbersome) is no longer integrated in the device to load CD / DVD but must be manually inserted at any pressure from outside. For a second cassette for photographic paper is now at that permanently located inside the unit and can be selected as the cassette 1 when printing. Unfortunately, this takes no cassette (additional) A4 sheets on because the space provided Cassette 2 is very small and takes only about 100 sheets on. Larger print volumes are thus unable to cope.

Epson Expression Premium XP-820 Printer Driver Download
The paper output tray is prior to printing automatically, but (unfortunately) not one again after the paper was removed. Too bad, because that would have Epson with us techies can score no doubt! A "creaking" or "crackling" when sliding back the ark in the case does not occur in my device. The load can be easily and quietly go back, which is required from time to time, for example, Printing on CD / DVD. When the door is closed also the keypad after a preset time lowers automatically and thus closes the case completely. Both (control panel and load) going to give a print job again automatically. The keypad even in the tendency previously selected! A nice gimmick. One should also make sure that is not stored before the device. Otherwise, the load during an unattended extension pushes it away and at worst to the ground.

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Download Driver Epson Expression Premium XP-820

Download Printer Driver Epson Expression Premium XP-820
Who pays special attention to the Photo Print, should the Epson XP-9xx attack, but then must also expect higher follow-up costs for ink. The XP-820 is sufficient for my purposes (holiday photos). He needs 5 ink cartridges (black, c, y, m, pbk), which are included. I suspect, however, that this is not is fully refilled cartridges, as the water level indicator (black) has declined after 40 sw printing by 20%. Finally there is also the printer of this class smudge-resistant ink that can be worked with markers, and XL cartridges which save costs. The XL Multipack (bl, c, y, m) is approximately € 60.00 and should lt. Epson for up to 740 color prints / 500 sw Prints sufficient. For this you need but one more Partone (photo black), which is not included in Multipack (!) And additionally about € 19.00 costs. Will Epson thus sell to customers for stupid? A multipack should M. E. All cartridges contain. So a complete set XL costs around € 79.00!

Download Driver Printer Epson Expression Premium XP-820
Because of my bad experiences with foreign ink with other printers (clogged nozzles, ink dries quickly enough and smeared) I will only use original ink. But everybody has to decide or try yourself. The driver installation is running with the supplied CD simply and easily from (WIN 7). Here even the latest drivers are downloaded from the Internet, if a connection exists. The latest FW is updated if you wish. I have rarely seen such a complete and easy installation routine. Hats off! The driver offers many setting option. I have installed the printer multiple times for different applications, so I can control by changing the printer in color, b & w, duplex, on CD and photographic printing, without always having to adjust the printer settings inconvenient. "Add Printer" Easy and install the Epson XP-820 several times. Then adjust the settings in driver menu each and rename the printer in, for example, "XP color", "XP Duplex", etc. In addition can be of the CD still install software for printing on CD / DVDs, and Easy Photo Print.


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