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Download Driver Epson Expression Home XP-215

Epson Expression Home XP-215 Driver Download. The printer is quite small (as to sense the picture is), even when the paper is unfolded input and output. The printer setup took place without problems under Windows 7, however, despite some CD downloaded from the Internet. How to read in the description is not a cable is included, so I had ordered one to determine that you really can run all optional for WiFi and not even need to first connect a cable. Even scanning works wireless. The supplied cartridge must force be used for the first time, then you can take another. Have direct cheap ordered, but not yet tested. Print quality is excellent with the original cartridges, both black and white and in color. To mention: Every single color cartridges can be replaced separately, which can save a lot of ink in comparison to other printers (in which you must go directly all the same color, for example, if the blue part is empty). The quality of the printed images is abysmal. 

Epson Expression Home XP-215 printer Driver Download
The pressure is extremely slow. Although I print rather little, the cartridges are always empty. Although still enough black color is available, it does not printing continue, but insists that the empty color cartridge is replaced. I've had several printers: HP, Lexmark and Canon. Expression was after some time unclean (about 2 months after the purchase). The printer head of black inks seem to be verstoft so here white stripes occur (there are max. Printed 50%, the rest is white). Of course, I have carried out the printer head cleaning. After about 10 passes of the print head was again clean and has printed normally. The cartridges were then almost empty (all 4). After another month I have the same problem again. 

Epson Expression Home XP-215 Software Driver Download

Epson Expression Home XP-215 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Epson Expression Home XP-215
The printer head is not this time to get clean. After X passes the printhead cleaning cartridge (all 4) are now empty again. The printouts are still unclean (30% black will not be printed). I have the variant with the large display and the touchpad. Property me directly cheap cartridges from a third party appointed to and off the updates and annoying requests for updates. Then the much cheaper cartridges also work flawlessly. The printer delivers high-quality results for small money. (Have him for nearly 70 euros of purchases). The only negative point is that the border almost always has an inkblot once you increase the print quality to "Photo". 

Download Driver Printer Epson Expression Home XP-215
This does not bother if you actually print out photos, because in any case be printed not just on the edge of the paper sheet. But if you're trying to print texts or texts with images, it is totally unnecessary to put the quality as high. I assure you, the quality is more than satisfactory. So you choose the quality in accordance with the to be printed, it is actually all right. The wireless printing works on both my iPad's, and on my Android smartphone and on my Vista laptop perfectly. The connection is never torn down or was somehow affected differently. Printing works here with Air-Print and Android On board print function just as well as printing on the Epson Apps In addition, you will find in the menu a few more features such as the calendar printing or Origami stationery and note cards that you can even print with your own pictures from the SD card.


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