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Download Driver HP Color LaserJet CP5225DN

HP Color LaserJet CP5225DN Driver Download. The positives first: (very) good printed image and good (for laser) color rendering (assuming people know each other with the settings of its programs a little out !! and has his work monitor at least roughly calibrated); robust mechanical construction, good stability, good processing and the optional paper cassette; rapid pressure on various paper sizes and types (provided you have installed additional memory, to more under review); (: typing comfortable to be found only via the web interface in the browser network address of the printer but!), there also individual calibration of color saturations and brightnesses adjustable and storable when needed; many options for different types of paper for most print jobs are set to "color management by the printer" the most reliable results according to my previous experience with the device (well understood - I use Office applications and am not a graphic designer - this professional group works with completely different devices as a rule); To sum up: a very good device for a reasonable price at professional / commercial use.

HP LaserJet CP5225DN Printer Driver Download
Criticism: the device itself does not, but - HP makes a fool with the backing store (!). It can (and should definitely also for rapid processing of large print jobs) 256 MB / 144 PIN be retrofitted into the existing slot Additional memory. For this memory HP requires more (!!) one hundred euros and can not deliver (if anyone would be so stupid, as is to order it because there also) him. Delivery will be made promptly, installation is very easy (out mains plug !! - open flap at the side wall, storage about 45 deg inclination in the lead set and then carefully click toward the machine press until 2 times in the lead.) Who have been to his laptop has swapped memory knows that works the same way. Plug in, turn it back device, wait for initialization, memory is immediately recognized and exploited!

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HP Color LaserJet CP5225DN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Color LaserJet CP5225DN
Win 7 prof. and win 8.1 prof. as printer clients (in this configuration I can function with IOS or Linux unfortunately nothing to contribute, but I'm pretty sure he will do equally good services via Bonjour). This device could actually work great, if there was not a substantial hook: I use the printer with a Mac. Mac OS X is officially fully supported by HP, there are all drivers for the Mac. Unfortunately, all printouts are extremely (!) Colored and dark. Since I use the device as a graphic, it is, in principle, largely unusable as soon as you want to print in color. Various calls at HP have not however led to an exchange of the board to solve the problem. The support from HP is thus therefore be regarded as absolutely inadequate. A new driver is not in prospect. Very, very annoying!

Download Driver Printer HP Color LaserJet CP5225DN
I can the tester the 5225n version only connect (whose opinion is unfortunately escaped me before purchase). Not to use PostScript CMYK output on Mac OSX. HP Support is to bring (by means of several calls and any feedback on my part completely ignoring) on ​​switching to RGB workflow instead of the driver in order. Quasi: "Drive halt only with summer tires when the winter tires do not fit". As you swallow as professional customer first. As HP introduces this setting also high-priced equipment to sell, is beyond me. The business doing here now Other. Output If possible (eg Adobe InDesign) at issue "Composite RGB" with Adobe RGB: For those who are still tearing their hair.


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