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Samsung CLX-3185FW Driver Download. To say it right away: Who decides on a purchase of the CLX-3185FW, can hardly do anything wrong. The compact design, the whisper-quiet printing after a pleasant short recording phase and the high quality of prints form an ensemble that is unrivaled among Laser Multifunctional devices - but is currently hardly find. Given these strengths, some weaknesses are all the more incomprehensible. These include an unnecessarily small display, as you would not know from the first generation of black and white laser printers, which can badly or not be seen due to its horizontal configuration, unless you're looking vertically from above onto the device. Who like me is forced to the CLX-3185FW establish about 15 cm above the desk height, must reckon with problems or sometimes take a chair to help to read the display. The dimensions must also be borne in mind that this is not very lush sized paper input tray, which necessitates frequent "recharging", additionally protrudes about 10 cm. This is a concession to the compactness of this elegant looking device, which only a few to be desired otherwise. Prints in color or in black and white are properly and incoming faxes amazing clarity; the copier / scanner system is extremely fast, and the cover has an elastic hinge for copying book pages. The little tight sized output tray ejects the paper pleasantly smooth and without waves or curved side edges. Also jams I have not been able to find.

Samsung CLX-3185FW Printer Driver Download
A bugbear is the supposedly simple push of a button (WPS button) supposedly unproblematic connection to the wireless network. The installation of the printer with the included CD easy (I use Windows 7 and Vista), which you should keep strictly to the instructions supplied. To install a USB or a network cable is required, which is later dispensable. Unfortunately, the manual, which is indispensable in ebefalls course of the installation is in only in electronic form on the CD. It can not even upload a PDF file, but only through dialogue with the previously installed printer (Icon). It annoys each time appearing Note that the handbook is optimized for Microsoft Internet Explorer, which you have to click away as Firefox users Always. This type of surreptitious advertising for Microsoft is completely unnecessary because the manual is illustrated perfectly in other browsers.

Samsung CLX-3185FW Software and Driver Download
Unfortunately, printing and fax settings can not be adjusted or changed as with other printers on the PC. There are so far no dialogue program between PC and printer, through which one the device characteristics can adapt to your needs: You can only retrieve the PC, but do not change. Rather, you have to make this about the poor visibility and not illuminated display directly on the device, which for example means that any fax number of the speed dial manually entered and must be stored on the device. This is a throwback to the Stone Age of the printing software.

Samsung CLX-3185FW Software Download
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Driver Download Samsung CLX-3185FW
Since I use the printer in a network need (permanent 1 desktop and 2 laptops), easy integration into a wireless network played a key role for me. Here the problems begin, which are poorly or not at all documented in the manual. After installing the printer driver on all participating devices there first no problems. These are formed only after the drain and reconnection, so-called waking from standby mode of the device or when you restart the router because of the award. "Dynamic IP address" because the printer case every "forgets" his partner. Remedy initially creates the WPS button, which automatically looks around the network for connected devices. However, this often happens only by repeating what is quite annoying in the long run.

Download Driver Installer Samsung CLX-3185FW
Entering a fixed IP address to the rescue, but this utility also needs to be made on the computer not only on the device itself or by a (not functioning in Windwos 7!), But also by the configuration of the router. The thing is a little tricky, especially since additional steps must be taken into account (gateway) that provide every novice user with considerable problems. In short, contrary to the promises of the manufacturer is the inclusion of network specialists the safest way to use the full cable freedom. The fee-based hotline of Samsung proved to be quite a flop. The employee and the employee, which I described my problem, knew each other on this unit does not ("re") and had to look up at the expense of my phone bill until their manuals. My ultimate innovative proposal, how I could solve the problem if necessary (see below), was even rejected by an employee as not feasible - which turned out to be utter nonsense in retrospect. I had the impression that they wanted to get rid of me because they demanded the per se very simple problem. Another employee was the first to admit.

Download Printer Driver Samsung CLX-3185FW
My advice for those who want to use the printer on the network and have no professional for networks in range: Connects if possible the printer permanently via LAN cable to the router on the network, install the printer driver on all computers and there are no more problems! This solution is not entirely "wireless", but still wirelessly enough on this unit to have a lot of fun and take advantage of the multiple access options. Nor free one is by setting up a fixed IP address, which at the printer (and - only - during the initial installation via LAN cable) can be adjusted. However, one must also still teach his router. And you can do some things wrong.

Download Driver Printer Samsung CLX-3185FW
Conclusion: A really good and for small offices perfectly suitable device that can keep up high with the Great quite, but considers nevertheless not quite what it promises. A big minus is speak to the manufacturer Samsung engineers: for immature software (IP addresses, missing printer dialog), the bad hotline with friendly, but unqualified people and the really poor display. Since the CLX-3185FW is an improved version of its predecessor, CLX-3175, those weaknesses are not to conceive. Because of these deficiencies, it must remain at 3 stars despite compactness and print quality.


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