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Epson Expression Premium XP-610 Driver Download. After my first, otherwise just Canon, the Epson SX435W after 1 1/2 years increasingly stripes in the printed image was(also with original ink and a cleaning always worked only in the short term, it was Amazon unceremoniously refunded. Here again a great compliment to Amazon. THAT is customer service all first class. So now a new was needed. Of course, again from Amazon. Brother too clunky, Canon and HP to rödelig problematic with compatible ink. I would always buy a printer that does not work with compatible ink. So I am again landed at Epson, although I actually with the bad experience of my SX435W wanted no more. In addition, the € 20 off action has facilitated my decision.

Epson Expression Premium XP-610 Printer Driver Download
The XP-610 is very compact compared to the others in size, has individual ink cartridges to get the compatible low are here at Amazon: ms-Point® 6 compatible XXL cartridges for Epson Expression Premium XP-510 XP-600 XP-605 XP-610 XP-615 XP-700 XP-710 XP-800 XP-810 cartridges compatible with T2621 T2631 T2632 T2633 T2634. Because, to be Let's be honest, who in God's name are 90 € for an original XL Set ink cartridges? Even if the printer breaks down after the 2nd set of compatible ink, I have saved € 150 for a new printer. And if you print little with the originals to save, which will halt cleaned away. € 30 for an original XL Set Cartridges and I would buy no more compatible, since the original is always a bit better. But over 600% more expensive for the original? Not with me.

Epson Expression Premium XP-610 Software Driver Download

Epson Expression Premium XP-610 Driver Download

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Absolutely annoying when you before each print once must load paper. Erected printer, connected and with the accompanying Starter ink cartridges in operation. That's very important, because only with this accompanying cartridges work like that. I did not know well. Insert immediately compatible ink cartridges will not work anymore, but I have not tried it myself also. The some manufacturers have introduced so to counteract some dealers. The fact have the originals replaced by Compatible and both sold separately. So twice made profit.

Download Driver Printer Epson XP-610
Software installation under Windows 8.1 64-bit worked reasonably directly via Internet. Since my laptop has no CD drive, I found this possibility super. But again and again I got a message about problems connecting to the Internet during installation. Surfing beside her worked flawlessly. I often had to repeat click so it went on. The wireless connection to the printer was not working on software installation and I had to integrate into the wireless printer manually. Then the installation has found the printer and installed further to the end.


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