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Download Driver Epson B-310N Business

Epson B-310N Driver Download. The B-310N has printed with me today on his first day, the first 600 pages. I have been doing to let him handle 80, 90 and 100 grams paper and one side the first ever he has misfed. After that everything went perfectly. The software was installed in Windows XP within minutes. The handling of the very well-made device is really simple. When paper jam apparently very rare or for cleaning can be him forward, open back and up, so that all relevant areas are easily accessible. I let him in my slow mode print what is ultimately still fast. Man, this presents a printer driver. The printer is also in fast mode is not really noisy, but in quiet mode, you can sit and make phone calls next. Very pleasant. Am completely satisfied!

Epson B-310N Printer Driver Download
I have this unit now for 4 weeks. Anyone looking for a printer according to an optical point is at the Epson B-310N certainly wrong. He is also not very nice to look at quite large with security. But if you an Office Printer searches of this designation also deserves to be well served with the device !!! The set up is not least thanks to the display a breeze. Hereby deleted, if desired, also the first to set up the printer via USB. Simply enter and be ready network. The rest can then be adjusted easily via the web interface. I was surprised how quiet the printer but works. Since I am used to from competitors products completely different noise levels. The paper feed is really class. Until today, I had neither jam nor a mistake.

Epson B-310N Software Driver Download
Epson B-310N Driver Download

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Alone the paper cassette already earned the name OFFICE, because here really fit all 500 sheets of paper is pure, whatever is a complete package normally. I myself operate the printer in an AppleTalk network and can not say anything negative! The driver is completely in OS string embedded and leaves nothing to be desired for me! Anyone looking for a real OFFICE printers with low printing costs and impeccable network connection takes place in the Epson B-310N a highly refined and good product!

Download Driver Printer Epson B-310N
The printer needs a lot of ink, which is original purchased from Epson very expensive. Because it has very large permanent printheads, this is probably technically necessary. The print speed is okay for a business printer. However, the paper handling is not good for my copy. The printer feeds more often papers at the same time, even though he is factory fresh. Then, the pressure breaks off. It may be that you can load up to 500 sheets in the storage compartment. But alas, you can print with an order of more than 200 sheets. Then you realize that the paper tray is undersized. So you have to split all print jobs to 150 to a maximum of 200 pages. Previously I owned the B-300, which has left me in spite of Epson's acclaimed solidity after 4 years.


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