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Epson B-500DN Driver Download. We are all accustomed to the optimistic rate information in the advertising of manufacturers. I never would have expected that the Epson B-500DN brings the printing performance that is touted in advertising. Well.. I would not know what was printed there and with a normal A4 page (20 mm edge distance) come out completely different printing times. There are 5-speed printing: Draft, Normal, Fine, Photo, Photo Optimal. Although I have also managed to print 12 pages / minute in "Normal" design I have not even try and the biggest problem lies in the print quality:

Epson B-500DN Printer Driver Download
It prints quickly with either strips or slowly without stripes! With the fastest print speeds 3, the sheet is always fed after each print web to whole print head width. In order to avoid white lines flashing by, the B-500DN overprinted the printing tracks quite easily, and in the printed image appear darker stripes. In black text which is hardly noticeable in images and color areas. For years, these inkjet avoid streaking by weaving webs of pressure at the expense of pressure tempo. The B-500DN can also and in "Photo" and "optimal Photo". The results will then see quite well that could be described as professional quality loud advertising.

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Epson B-500DN Driver Download

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The color saturation, we have something to be withdrawn, then it fits, otherwise everything is colorful candy. Otherwise, the print quality is of good use for Flyers next newsletters, just should not be over the entire surface Black Print and then embed colored writing you, it's just an inkjet printer. For office use, this printer is ideal, because you never have to worry about it yourself. It simply prints. Before that, we had successively 3x3 printers from other companies in service, who have made a lot of problems. A true professional printer with lowest price per page and durable mechanics. All nose long it is defective. Right in the middle in a print job after about 15 pages, the printer suddenly stopped right in the middle are - with an error message.

Download Driver Printer Epson B-500DN
You will see the error message on the printer's display: "Printer error restart printer". I have already turned the printer off and on again about 10 x as well as the plug 3 x drawn, with respective waiting period of many minutes or overnight. Jam I have not, and the ink tanks are not all empty. It will flash the status LED for ink and paper at the same time, to the service of the printer directly on the device I can not get into it. 1 second after switching on the printer is a short sound different than usual, never heard before, and then immediately get this error message on the printer's display. The error message is the same, even if the paper tray is not inserted.


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