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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-L2707DW

Brother MFC-L2707DW Drivers Download. I've been thinking for a while about buying a printer / copier combination. In addition to solid quality in b / w printing, scan and copy, the device should offer the following:

- Direct archiving of scans as PDF on a NAS in the local network
- Feeder on the scanner for multi-page documents
- Wi-Fi capability to change the site at any time
- AirPrint capability for direct printing from the iPhone & iPad from the local Wi-Fi without an additional app from the printer manufacturer
- 100% compatible with Mac OS X 10.10
- Duplex printing
- Silent in standby mode & no odor during printing, allowing the printer if necessary also in the bedroom can be placed
- Moderate printing costs at about 1,000 - 2,000 A4 pages per year

Without me long to deal with the issue was the decision by the offer price (175, - EUR) on Amazon Prime Day for the Brother MFC-L2720DW. According to the article description, he met all of the above requirements and the competition from Kyocera, HP & Co offered on Prime Day nothing for comparable money.

The printer arrived well packaged after two days and after less than an hour I had already mastered the setup and installation of the Brother and that including all the desired functions. To my surprise, even the NAS and AirPrint scan worked right away. In summary, the following impression will surely give you the following:

Brother MFC-L2707DW positive
- Fast, intuitive and easy setup of all the above features
- Clean print image for text and graphics
- Quickly from standby ready and in all functions (print, scan & copy)
- Scan to FTP (in my case on a Synology NAS) possible
- None Noise development in standby mode
- No odor development in the previous
print volume (so far a maximum of 50 pages in a job) - Stylish touch screen with logical, ie self-explanatory, operation
- Menu with additional configurable favorites, in my case a favorite for the scan of invoices and a to scan documents to place the documents on the NAS with different names
- Configuration of most features of the printer via good and fast web interface possible, so you do not have to do anything on the touch screen menu
- AirPrint possible (see negative)

- 3 years bring-in / send-in warranty - with my old one OKI I had a free 5-year on-site warranty in a similar price range
- According the printing costs in good midfield at about 3.2 cents are what I in view of the number of prints from 1,000 - 2,000 pages per year for good hold, even if it is even cheaper (but also much more expensive)
- device-typical volume pressure / scan
- Entries on the touch screen display via the display keyboard (naming etc.) are really very tedious because the keyboard is very small. However, I also needed this display keyboard only for the initial setup of your own favorites. In normal operation she has not come to me yet.

Brother MFC-L2707DW negative
- Since a firmware update via the web interface of the printer to SUB1 1.01, the Brother is no longer found through the iPhone & iPad in the local network. Printing on the free Brother app is still possible, but that was not my goal (see requirements). Whether the firmware update is really the cause? However, the printer is no longer found directly by other Apple devices on Mac OS X, but only on the IP. This point needs to be further investigated (see conclusion). Unfortunately, the printer only builds unencrypted FTP connections. For the transmission of sensitive scan data, a secure connection would be more than desirable. Since the data is sent to me "only" in the local network, I can just get over it. It would be much better to me otherwise.

Brother MFC-L2707DW Driver & Software Download

Brother MFC-L2707DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-L2707DW
Not tested
- Fax reception / delivery
- Scan to E-Mail
- Network connection via cable
- Scan colored templates such as photos in print quality (not relevant to me) Suggestions for

Improvement (which did not negatively influence the rating) to Brother: The LED of the home menu button pulsates in standby, similar to that of an Apple Macbook, but much brighter. Great would be a way to turn off in standby, or at least to prevent the pulsing. In the bedroom that's annoying, I'll fix me with a tape. For 99% of all other users, this certainly does not matter.

For the price I have paid (175 EUR) I am so far - apart from the AirPrint story and the unencrypted FTP exchange of data - completely delighted. However, it hurts me extremely that the printer since the update to the new firmware is no longer found by AirPrint and I rely on the - admittedly solid - Brother iOS app to print from iPad and iPhone. Thus, there is a star deduction, as long as I associate this deficiency with the firmware update (which I can not undo). If there is another cause or the problem with the next firmware update is obsolete, the printer for me has earned 5 full stars. So I can only make the recommendation to future owners not to do the firmware update if the printer does everything. Since I deactivated and reactivated AirPrint on the printer, it works perfectly again on all iOS devices, so nothing speaks against the 5 stars!

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