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Friday, June 16, 2017

Download Driver HP Photosmart Premium C309g

HP Photosmart C309g Driver Download. The HP Photosmart Premium C309g printer has been running at our office for several months now. It still works without problems. It is the best inkjet printer I've ever bought. The HP Photosmart Premium C309g installation and software runs properly with me on Win. XP. In normal printing mode, the printer is very fast with optimum print quality. The various functions, among other things, print directly from the mobile phone via Bluetooth images are very impressive. The printer can be operated intuitively by the large touch screen, graphics can be scanned and sent by mail is now just a button, the rest is done by the printer itself. I recently printed about 600 pages of homework on both sides. That worked without problems, not even paper jam or the like, the quality was better than with a 2000 euro color laser printer from HP.

HP Photosmart C309g Printer Driver Download
What is striking, The XL ink does not reach with high resolution for 750 pages, rather for 250 which is already crass. In normal operation, the 750 pages can never be reached, because the printer does print printing by the non-daily use, which then costs ink. However, you have the feeling that the ink eternally holds, with the XL cartridges. What disturbs me a little is a beep, a whistle whistle, which is triggered by the touch screen. Older people do not hear this anymore, but if the printer would stand right next to me in the office, that would not go in my case.

HP Photosmart C309g Software Driver Download
HP Photosmart C309g Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP Photosmart Premium C309g
However, the noise is almost gone when the printer switches to the energy saving mode. HP Photosmart Premium C309g price / performance is top and the quality is great. Will me give the printer now a 2. So buy from me definitely a purchase recommendation. The printer I would recommend for small offices and private households. When I connected the device, I was already somewhat skeptical, since there were not so positive reviews. But I was really very positively surprised by the printer. HP Photosmart Premium C309g prints quickly and cleanly. HP Photosmart Premium C309g even printed flawlessly on slide so I could keep my presentation without any problems.

Download Driver Printer HP Photosmart Premium C309g
I would buy this printing device again. The installation is easy for the layman to accomplish about 30min. The printer is integrate with me via network cabel and the included software HP Solution runs on all 4 PC's from the beginning (XP32 bit, Vista 32 / 64Bit) What I can tell you is to glaich to the printer the fitting XL cartridges with order. Since the included already after approx. 30 sides color printing to approximately 30% fallen. The XL cartridges Show me about 60 pages about 90% (color printing) I can only recommend this HP Photosmart Premium C309g.

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