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Monday, March 26, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-L2712DN

Brother MFC-L2712DN Driver Download. Three weeks ago I freed the Brother MFC-L2712DN printer from the huge box. What I noticed very positively: The printer has been super packed absolutely safe to transport. Through Styrofoam the printer stopped, the printer itself is again in a large plastic bag. The Styrofoam itself, is divided into 4 parts, so that the upper parts are to be removed individually without having to pull out the entire printer with out. Next, I noticed that the printer is designed so that there are two handles on the printer, which makes it easy to remove on the box and also easy to transport. Although this Brother MFC-L2712DN printer weighs just under 15 pounds, but that's not very bad, because it is very handy through the handles and so can be easily unpacked alone.

Brother MFC-L2712DN Printer Driver Download
When the bag is removed, you can see that all sensitive parts have been taped extra with foil and all parts that you can open, were also taped. The right toner incl. Drum unit is included. The drum unit is inserted into the front flap of the printer. This can be opened very easily. Carefully cut open and remove the vacuum packaging of the toner. Now you have to remove the orange plastic piece for protection. The drum unit including toner is pushed in with some pressure, which I find very easy. At work I got to know printers that are far more difficult to use. When setting up the printer you should make sure that it is not completely on the wall. Once, so that the vents are free, on the other hand so that the flap for scanning can still be opened.

Brother MFC-L2712DN Review & Driver Download

Brother MFC-L2712DN Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-L2712DN
Now you can start: Quickly scanned the QR code on the printer with the mobile phone and the brother app was already installed on the smartphone. The Brother MFC-L2712DN driver installation on the computer was done by means of an installation CD. The CD has unfortunately hooked me very much. I thought that was because of my laptop, but it also stuttered a lot with my friend. You could also download the file, but then it worked with the CD. It was a pity that only the printer was connected and a program named brother Utilities was installed. The actual printer App iPrint & Scan had to be specially installed, but until I understood that, a little time passed. But that was also my only problem, which I had so far with the printer.

Download Driver Printer Brother MFC-L2712DN
The Brother MFC-L2712DN copy, scan, print in try first. Everything works without problems. Only the print looked pixelated. A quick look into the settings helps, because the print quality stood at the lowest level. 13 pages Duplex printing, 1,200 dpi: 54 sec. 13 pages Duplex printing in quiet mode, 1,200 dpi: 2:08 minutes 13 pages Duplex printing in economy mode, 1,200 dpi: 50 sec. 11 pages Duplex printing in economy mode + Save Toner, 1,200 dpi: 44 sec. 9 pages Duplex printing in economy mode + Toner saving, 600 dpi: 35 sec. 10 pages Duplex printing in economy mode + Toner saving, 300 dpi 38 sec. 12 pages Duplex printing in economy mode + Toner saving, from mobile phone 52 seconds. 2-sided duplex printing from Dropbox, 1,200 dpi, 1:08 minutes, all great!

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