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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma G2411

Canon Pixma G2411 Review & Downloads. One of the most important features of today's printers is the cost per print that manufacturers are trying to lower to the lowest possible level. The Canon Pixma G2411 MegaTank printer, which we will take a closer look at today, is one of the best in this area. This model is among the basic inkjet printers and offers printing, copying and scanning. The fax unit would look for it in vain, but the focus is the device designed mainly for home use, so this element is not necessary at all. However, it is a bit of a shame that the only connectivity option is a classic USB port, with the Ethernet or WiFi wireless receiver being missed and you can forget about any mobile printing games. So, if you require wireless or advanced mobile printing, you will have to look at your competitors or reach the Pixma G3400 Wireless MegaTank, the higher and more logical and costly. We do not have to design too much, it's just a simple home printer, and it looks like it does, but it has made us quite compact in size, so it's no problem to share it with the work table without any problems. The dimensions of this model are 445 × 330 × 163 mm and the weight stopped at 5.8 kg, so there are no difficulties in the handling area and one man can handle it.

A little obsolete, the control panel looks like any display, so all the actions and actions take place exclusively through the dedicated buttons. But it is very clear, simple and the display did not come at all in the final. In standard equipment, you get a 100-sheet Rear Input Tray, and it can handle either 20 sheets of 4x6 inch photo paper or 10 sheets of a larger 5x7 inch photo paper. One of the main weapons of this model is the filling system and its subsequent replenishment, which is very simple and intuitive. The printer contains four separate trays, with the black tray on the left side and the remaining three trays in yellow, cyan and magenta on the right side.Filling is very simple, open the tray, disconnect the protective cap from the specific color, and insert the ink bottle with the paint. After that, it is enough to fill the tray as much as possible and is done. It's a really simple and intuitive system to add color to your home without any problems or complications.

Canon Pixma G2411 Drivers & Software Download

Canon Pixma G2411 Review & Download

As we have already mentioned, connectivity is rather standard, and in addition to the absence of a WiFi receiver or Ethernet interface, we must mention the absence of an automatic duplexer for duplex printing. This is a bit of a shame because it is a practical element appearing more and more often with cheap home printers. Putting it into operation is very simple, just find the right place for the printer to plug in the wiring, make the initial settings, and get started. You will of course get the drivers on the enclosed CD, but you can download them directly from the manufacturer's website and we definitely recommend it, because you will be sure that you have the latest software. As soon as we get the drivers, know that this model can be run under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 / 8.1 and, of course, under the latest Windows 10.Canon also thought Mac OS X users and the printer can work under versions 10.7.5 through 10.10. Now we can move to a printing speed that is not exactly ideal and we can safely say that the Pixma G2411 is a slow printer.

With simple text printing without any formatting, the speed was around 7.1 pages per minute (ppm) for monochrome printing. This is quite close to what the manufacturer says (8.8 ppm), but overall there is no big glory. After adding graphics (PDF files or different charts), the average speed dropped to just 3.1 ppm. But what this printer loses at print speeds, it catches its quality, and the quality of text printing is a very pleasant surprise. Unique letters are nicely sharp and easy to read without the help of small fonts, with legibility worsening with very small fonts. The results should be usable even for more demanding business purposes without any major problems. The print quality of graphics is already worse and the printer has had problems with thin lines that have not always been ideal.The best of all, the photos are of course, and we appreciated the very good color rendering and the high level of detail. A slight loss of detail was visible only in lighter areas, but it was nothing terrible.

Canon Pixma G2411 MegaTank is a great inkjet printer, which is characterized by its low cost per print and high yield. Standard cartridges can print up to 7,000 colors and 6,000 monochrome pages, and the subsequent replenishment is very simple, so this is a very nice model in this area. Among the positive features are high quality text and photo printing. The print speed is rather worse and we did not enjoy the limited connectivity.

  1. Download MP Driver Canon Pixma G2411 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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