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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Download Driver Brother DCP-J572DW

Brother DCP-J572DWG1 Drivers Download. I wanted to replace my old printer because the print quality was unbearable after 8 years. Incomplete and smeared pages just do not go and make a bad impression on the customer. This Brother DCP-J572DW new printer meets all the criteria that were important to me:

- Copy without turning on the PC - clean print on invoices, customer sheets and letters
- Fast printing
- Affordable ink cartridges that can be replaced individually
- Scanner

Brother DCP-J572DW is relatively heavy and feels valent. After minor initial difficulties with the installation, I got along with the functions quickly. Often, the quick print is enough to print easily legible invoices or bank statements, which saves ink and time. You can also print good quality photos, but that's not so important to me because I get the photos at the drugstore store much cheaper.

The ink cartridges are easy to insert, the paper drawer is also good, so the paper remains dust-free and will not kinked. There is no USB cable with this printer, you should pay attention to this. Ink cartridges are included in the package. With the short description, a technically skilled person can install the printer and get it up and running. You can also send pictures from the mobile phone via Wi-Fi to the printer and print out.

I only have two points disturbed me a bit.

1. The described as user-friendly display, I think much too small, the keys are fumbling.
2. The display has as languages ​​only French or English in the offer, as Brother should again send an update.

The Brother DCP-J572DW driver installation of the printer was totally easy. Ingeniously I think that the ink cartridges have a small compartment bottom right to change and photo paper can be inserted only with a click extra. I have not yet made fine adjustments, but I can say that the pressure on mobile devices and WLAN works great. I prefer to use the Brother iprint app via smartphone. This is really fast. The pressure is calm and fluid. If you have the right settings out, that works great. Even photos are printed relatively quickly. Unfortunately I am missing color depth and brilliance here. The original photo is much more colorful and not as pale as the printed photo. Maybe I have to change something about the attitudes🤔 Otherwise I'm very satisfied. My daughter also likes to use the printer. The operation is very simple and easy to understand for laymen. Duplex printing and scanning are also flawless. Only the cartridges (included were the LC 3211, 200 sheets color print) hold just for about 40 photos. For me anyway a cheap all-rounder.

I've been using the Brother printer DCP-J572DWG1 for a few days now at my home. It is very compact and can be easily set up via the control panel (no touchpad), even connecting to the WLAN worked quickly and well. The cartridges that came with it were easy to insert. I have to say, for occasional home use, this printer is really good. I'm particularly excited about the Brother App, which you can download easily in the App Store. Documents as well as photos or web pages can be easily printed out here. Especially great: Brother gives 3 years on the device!

Brother DCP-J572DWG1 Driver & Software Download

Brother DCP-J572DW Drivers Download

The Brother DCP-J572DW printer was very easy to set up and install. The whole cost me including firmware update about 20 minutes. Printing works silently, as expected, color prints take longer than SW prints. Only the quality of the photos could not quite convince me, some pictures have too strong recognizable lines, where the color is not so nice merged. Otherwise, a great device that is not too loud in print. This Brother DCP-J572DW printer comes with four ink cartridges (one each in black, yellow, cyan, magenta), installation instructions, an installation CD, and a power cord. Thanks to the Quick Start Guide, it was possible to get the printer up and running in minutes without any problems.

The expression of normal text files, as well as documents with text and image are done quickly and qualitatively well. Also, the scan function of the printer works flawlessly and allows good results. The expression of photos on photo paper was a bit tricky at the beginning. How to align the paper tray for photo paper, or smaller paper sizes, is not directly apparent from the image on the output bin, so the first print was made on plain paper. After some fumbling we found out that you have to lift the smaller shelf and pull it forward. After that, we also got a high quality photo, which excused the little inconvenience. Furthermore, there is the functionality to control the printer via the network and so to perform a print. The Brother iPrint & Scan app makes it easy to print from a mobile or tablet. For this, once the printer has to be connected to the network, the app must search the device in network once and all files can be printed from the phone.

All in all, this printer has met all expectations and delivers very good results both in its functions and in the quality of the printouts. In addition to the printer, the package includes four color cartridges (black, yellow, cyan and magenta), the power cable, a user manual and an installation CD. If you do not have a CD drive, the installation software can also be downloaded from the Brother website. The installation is self-explanatory and completed within approx. 15 minutes. The Brother DCP-J572DW printer can print black and white, as well as colorful and with the app is also possible to scan and copy. My feeling is that the pressure per page lasts comparatively long. It is particularly convenient that can be printed on the wireless not only from the PC but also easily from the phone or tablet. All in all, the device is only recommended for occasional office work due to its versatile functions and its compact, space-saving design! A little tip: compare the price over a few days as it fluctuates. So the price for today is quite 14 € cheaper than at my order time.

Overall with two words: REALLY GREAT! My expectations are fulfilled. First, the printer is really super easy to use. Great for the use of the area. I have set my printer over Wi-Fi, works fine. You can choose between 5 attitude languages. First pressure test course was for university and home. And you can only be satisfied with the result. Print quality is very good. Other functions, such as scanning and copying, are also at a high level and also goes both copy. Exact and fast. The individual, if you print the colorful pictures or graphics, you have a bit of patience, but what is natural, if you wait for the good result. Brother DCP-J572DW is not loud, which I really find a great advantage. I am very satisfied with the printer. The print quality is great! The printer prints very fast and especially quiet. Our old printer could not be used in the evening, as they have otherwise awakened children. You hardly hear this printer.

The best thing about the printer is the SD slot. I do not have to turn my computer on or connect to the computer to print photos. SD card in, on the small display the photos are displayed. Select photo, set quality and then can be printed. For photo paper there is an extra compartment in the paper tray. The printed photos are of good quality. I am so sorry at first I was a bit skeptical, because the printer promises a lot. After the first photo and paper prints, I was increasingly enthusiastic. The pictures look so real and real, and are printed in mad great colors. The handling is totally easy. All steps are explained explicitly and are self-explanatory. This inkjet printer has options like any modern model. It can be printed in worse, better or excellent quality, which can not be a printer. You can choose the contrast level, the brightness of the scanned image, or the print paper. You can even connect it to your phone and laptop, simply and easily install and connect. Within a few seconds, prints and scans and performs every function.


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