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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-790CW

Brother MFC-790CW Drivers Download. Telephoning with this printer is not trivial! This can make you smile and yet it is convenient for those looking for a device that combines functions. In addition to embrapping a handset and an answering machine, this multifunction has a large 10.7 cm color touch screen, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, a document feeder and four separate cartridges: a black and the usual cyan, magenta and yellow. 

The multiple options available on the MFC-790CW rank it among the family of high-end printers. In short, she prints, she copies, she scans but she also makes fax (color), phone and takes messages. Bulky, do you think? Well no, not even! In terms of speed characteristics of this product, we opted for an "NC", for Not Communicated. The manufacturer, however, advances a rate of 35 ppm, which we do not give credit because Brother, unlike his rivals, does not follow the standard in place for speed measurements. 

Our analysis gives us reason, because instead of 35 pages per minute, the actual flow on our tests actually drops to 4.5 ppm, one-third below the performance of other brands like Canon. The flow rate is the same for color (4.4 ppm) and for black and white (4.5 ppm). It only goes to 22 ppm in draft mode. The picture rates are not better: 4 minutes for A4 color printing, and almost 2 minutes for a 10X15 cm, it's almost 4 times longer than other competing models (ex: the Canon MP640 releases its photos 10x15 in 27 seconds).

Brother MFC-790CW Driver & Software Download

Brother MFC-790CW Drivers Download

Brother MFC-790CW Image quality : better in photography than in office
Attention: risk of paper jams in photo mode! In our tests, we used the 260 gram Brother photo paper, specially designed for this printer, but a succession of jams generated by the paper made us give up and prefer a plain paper, lighter (240 g) from another Mark. In office mode, on the other hand, we did not encounter any problem of this kind, with conventional papers (we use 80 g / m² for our tests). 

This model features the traditional 4 cartridges (black, cyan, magenta, yellow). The office outputs are, as usual at Brother, a quality below that produced by the competition. The colors are modified, not enough contrast and the size of the drops remains visible, which translates inter alia by a loss of homogeneity in solid areas.

It takes time but the color photo and black and white (4 stars) is pretty good. The colors are this time faithful, with fair tones, contrasts well rendered and a satisfactory sharpness. The drops are here invisible. Contrary to what its initial orientation suggests, it is passable in office but quite correct for who wants to print his photos.

Brother MFC-790CW Energy consumption and noise
The Brother MFC-790CW printer consumes 3.6 watts in standby. Keep in mind that some go below the 1 W mark. Standby is the most common mode for a printer, so we pay particular attention to it. Otherwise, its 16 watts in work make it a relatively energy efficient printer. It is still significantly less than lasers that reach peaks of consumption (1200 W sometimes). Side noise, it is in the standard relatively quiet printers, with 48.7 dB measured in operation.

Scanner and copies : better in speed than in precision
The scanner is fast! Scanning a 10 x 15 cm photo in 300 dpi takes 12 seconds, and double (25 seconds) for 600 dpi.Scan (12). Monochrome copies come out in 28 seconds, the color takes longer (42 seconds). The print quality of the copies is not famous. On our test document the size of the drops is clearly visible on the color as on the black and white. As for the sharpness of the characters, it will be necessary to return to read curves and data of a graph for example. 

The average drift deviation of the scanner is 5.5%. It's correct. Yet the rendering is really far below the original. In the photo opposite we perceive the loss of sharpness, contrast and rendering of colors quite poor and not very faithful. Above Average The total page cost on the MFC-790CW is 14.7 cents. That's better than the Brother DCP-365CN, which rises to 18.4 cents per page, but it's still well above the 12 cents per page of the Epson PX810FW, 13 cents of the Lexmark S605 (in XL cartridge and 9.5 cents for the next generation of HP printers (still in XL). It is therefore an above average cost. Kodak divides at least by 2 with his 6 cents per page. 24 seconds to print a page out of standby, this is the current average of multifunction printers. A very fast printer, like the Canon Pixma MP640 takes the first page out of standby in just 18 seconds.

  • LCD color touch screen (10.7 cm)
  • Wireless
  • Photo quality
  • Fax, telephone and answering machine

  • Slow print speeds
  • Office quality down
  • High page cost: 14.7 cents
  • No double-sided mode
  • No high capacity cartridge

We love its color touch screen and ergonomics in general. We regret, however, that the data rates and print quality are not at the rendezvous. The presence of the phone, an original and practical option for those who need it, earns him points.

  1. Download Drivers Brother MFC-790CW for MacOS 10.13 and lower
  2. Download Full Drivers Brother MFC-790CW for Windows 7 (32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit)
  3. Download Full Drivers Brother MFC-790CW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8 (32/64-bit)
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