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Friday, September 07, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma TR4540

Canon Pixma TR4540 Drivers Download. We bought this Canon Pixma TR4540 printer as a replacement for a HP device, which was still fine, but daily more than three times wanted color ink for a test print, because we did not want more. The packaging, Shipping: Perfect. Processing: The processing makes, first, only a satisfactory impression. This concerns in particular the paper feed and the collecting device for the printed paper, which nevertheless make a somewhat shaky impression.

Canon Pixma TR4540 Installation: It took more than 20 minutes to get through the installation software and driver, which I think is extremely long. One has the assumption that it takes so long, so that as much advertising for Canon products and many warnings are shown, but only use original Canon ink. Otherwise, the installation (USB) was easy. The conversion to LAN was then a bit more difficult, you never really knew if the WLAN, because that is the only LAN, which is available, was now activated or not. Here is the small display and the lack of feedback at the touch of a button but something disturbing. All in all, the installation was still acceptable at the end. Annoying: The installation attempts to put a data collector under the customer's control. The accept and decline buttons are the same size, but many will give Canon a lot of information (when was printed, which cartridges are used, etc.). 

Canon Pixma TR4540 Driver & Software Download

Canon Pixma TR4540 Drivers Download

Printing: Since the printer is new, we have hardly used it yet. Striking is the volume: The start is (too) loud. The Canon Pixma TR4540 printer is small compared to other devices currently on the market, but still has a glass plate for scanning originals. The operation could be a little better, the display is small, the instructions are a bit inaccurate. The workmanship is ok, but the paper feed and catcher could be a bit more stable. The connection to USB or WLAN was (still) acceptable. When printing first the volume is negative, but the printer is indeed not purchased as a multi-printer. For the price of 60 euros these mistakes but always to get over. 

So, still a clear buy recommendation. The print quality is more than sufficient for home use. The device with a new computer went flot this time and easily. What remains is the weak point volume - the printer is loud, and as a new weakness, the cartridges: Who wants to fill these with ink, this must first drill with a small drill. There are countless good guides on the net, so no big deal _if you own a small drill or have someone nearby who can handle it. Unlike other cartridges (HP for example), the Canon cartridges have just no filling opening. In addition, you lose the refill, of course, the level indicator, but that's normal. It remains at solid 4 stars and the buy recommendation.

  1. Download Driver Canon Pixma TR4540 for LINUX
  2. Canon Pixma TR4540 for Mac OS already compatible with AirPrint (No driver required)
  3. Download Print & Scan Driver Canon Pixma TR4540 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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