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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Download Driver Brother HL-3230CDW

Brother HL-3230CDW Driver Download. This is already my second Brother laser printer with duplex. My first was a HL-1650, and I bought it in 1999! He still had the original toner! Unfortunately, my friend obviously got the engine small. A new printer had her, and because of my good experience with the HL-1650 was this Brother HL-3230CDW my first choice! The Brother HL-3230CDW is much smaller and Lighter than my old HL-1650! It prints just as well, maybe even an idea faster, but the HL-1650 was also pretty fast. The duplex unit worked quite differently than my old printer, and it takes up much less space because the sheet is simply pulled back in after printing and then the back is printed. The quality of the printout is very good, the paper also does not *wave*, as another reviewer wrote. 

The screens on the top of the printer are very simple, and it does not bother me that there is no separate on / off switch on the side of the unit. Of course that was very convenient with my old brother, because you could change your position if the printer did not even have power. But you often forgot to turn it off completely, so he stayed in stand by the whole time, because the screen darkened. The Brother HL-3230CDW gets up very quickly. This took a little longer on my old printer, and after printing, the cooling fan was always running longer. So the HL-3230CDW is an improvement in this respect. 

Brother HL-3230CDW Drivers & Software Download

Brother HL-3230CDW Driver Download

The Brother HL-3230CDW software was quickly installed on Windows7 via the CD. The driver was then downloaded via the Internet. I have not tried it on my old machine, which only runs Linux, but the HL-1650 worked without problems and I think this Brother HL-3230CDW should work just as well, because the printers are actually very nice similar. Another plus is the price! When I bought my predecessor in 1999, now I paid only 74 Euro. )How long the toner will last will be seen. My old printer had a toner cartridge for several thousand pages at the beginning, and it was still half full after over 15 years because I did not print so much. The Brother HL-3230CDW's toner will not last that long, but I did not order a toner because you never know how it's going to turn out. Luckily for my HL-1650, I did not get a chopp of toner, and that's why I'd rather wait until I need new toner. I'm not a popular printer, so I opted for a laser printer, and I do not really need color prints either, so monochrome is enough. Only duplex was important to me, even with my old printer, because you can save a lot of paper in this way.

With the software that you can print several pages on one sheet, I am still experimenting. This was easier with my old printer, although the software was similar, but maybe it was just habituation. Negative I have not found anything yet on the Brother HL-3230CDW printer, except that the toner does not last as long as with my old printer, but the printer itself was also much more expensive. The printed image is flawless, quite suitable for applications or the like.

My old printer had a display showing problems; This printer has only diodes that indicate if there is a problem with the toner, drum or paper. This was of course very comfortable on my old printer, because it was described at the same time how to fix the error (such as paper jam). I miss that on this printer, but that's nothing negative. This is just a fearure of my old printer, which certainly deserves more than 5 stars. Bloss it lives now no longer. Brother HL-3230CDW is a worthy replacement. The value for money is fantastic in any case! For those who are looking for a fast and mature laser printer with duplex functionality, I can only recommend this Brother HL-3230CDW and the drivers below here.

  1. Download Full Drivers Brother HL-3230CDW for MacOS 10.14
  2. Download Full Drivers Brother HL-3230CDW for Mac OS X 10.11/10.12/10.13
  3. Download Full Drivers Brother HL-3230CDW for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7 (32/64-bit)
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