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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Download Driver Brother DCP-7055W

Brother DCP-7055W Driver DownloadA good laser printer with scan and copy function for just over 100 Euro? This feat wants to put the Brother DCP-7055W on the floor. Whether this works or whether not the quality suffers from the very low price point, the test report shows. Here is not only the price small: After setting up the Brother DCP-7055W weighs only about 9.8 kilograms and occupies a footprint of relatively compact 40.5 x 39.9 centimeters. Even in very small offices or private work rooms, the printer can therefore usually find a place easily. The processing, however, is not quite as well managed, the excessive use of plastic and plastic is reflected here clearly (even if this in view of the price probably could not be otherwise). The paper feeder knows better, because there are 250 pages despite the compactness of the printer.

Brother DCP-7055W Printer Driver Download
The device can be operated via a single-line display and a few buttons that only cover the most important functions. If you want more, you have to go the detour via the computer. Officially, the manufacturer recommends the device for environments in which "occasionally" paperwork occurs. The Brother DCP-7055W printer does its job satisfactorily here: straight texts look appealing and show a sharp and exact typeface without frayed letters or soft-drawn diagram lines. Surprisingly, the quality of scanned photos also knows what can not be expected automatically from a laser printer just above the 100 Euro limit. Incidentally, the Brother DCP-7055W receives its jobs via WLAN, but a USB interface is also located on the printer. On a conventional network connection, the Japanese company has waived.

Brother DCP-7055W Software Driver Download
Download Driver Brother DCP-7055W

Download Printer Driver Brother DCP-7055W
Whether LCD / LED, we have the choice of flat and stylish monitors. Browse shop now and conveniently order online. For the low price, the sun can not shine everywhere: Copies are always a bit too dark and therefore only suitable for texts, photos should not be reproduced with this function. In addition, the device is unusually expensive in the subsequent costs: 3.6 cents per page must already be paid for simple texts. Again, this is one reason for recommending occasional print jobs from the manufacturer. It also lacks a duplex printing feature, but it may not be available to home users. A better impression leaves the printing speed: The Brother printer throws out 16 pages per minute, which should be more than enough for the occasional user. As mentioned, good value for money is the last big plus point of the Brother DCP-7055W.

Download Driver Printer Brother DCP-7055W
If you use your printer very often, the HP Laserjet Pro 100 has to reach into your pocket: One page in black-and-white printing costs 5.2 cents, and in color printing the device approves a full 19.6 cents. These are quite salted prices, which may be justified in view of the high quality of the device but perhaps. Original color toner from HP costs in the purchase also almost 170 euros. Thrifty users should still look for another printer. When turned off, the HP Laserjet Pro 100 continues to consume 0.3 watts, which is not much but unnecessary. If you want to do a bit of paperwork from time to time and do not have to rely on the convenience of duplex printing, you can strike the Brother DCP-7055W. Despite the high cost per page, there is still a recommendation for occasional users, as they will probably be able to get by for a full year with a single toner.

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