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Canon Pixma iP4600 Driver Download. One could be curious if the Canon Pixma iP4600 is a worthy successor to the popular Pixma iP4500. The footsteps of the predecessor are actually quite large. The printer passed most of the tests with flying colors and was also very popular with the buyers. has therefore subjected the Pixma iP4600 to a detailed test and has drawn a clear conclusion: Who still has the opportunity to buy a Pixma iP4500, should strike. Because the successor is slower and has become more expensive in maintenance. But first the positive anticipation: The Canon Pixma iP4600 shone not only with a new (and in everyday life not necessarily easy to clean) piano finish. Also in terms of print quality, the printer can easily keep up with its predecessor.

Canon Pixma iP4600 Printer Driver Download
Photo, graphics and text printing were again very convincing and allowed only minor complaints. But at the printing speed of the Pixma iP4600 has noticeably decreased. If he was almost even in a photo with the Pixma iP4500, he fell back significantly in text and graphics printing. The reason for this is the lower number of pressure nozzles available on the iP4600. The Canon also populates the printer with new ink cartridges. Annoying that the page prices have increased both in B / W and color printing (4.1 cents B / W, 52 cents photo). Since the transition to alternative inks is not yet possible, this is doubly annoying. Bottom line so Canon has not surpassed the predecessor with the Pixma iP4600, but made something worse for the consumer.

Canon Pixma iP4600 Software Driver Download
Download Driver Canon Pixma iP4600

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma iP4600
The advises therefore rather to grab the Pixma iP4500, as long as this is still available. Because at least the higher printing costs can be reduced in the long run by foreign inks. The Canon Pixma iP4600 enters with a big mortgage. His predecessor, the Pixma iP4500 printer, immediately received several awards as a "test winner" in professional journals (test results here and here to read) and reaped accordingly the favor of the buyers. Great differences are not to announce its predecessor, and this will be good, experiments only unsettle the clientele. The most notable and above all pleasing innovation lies in the fact that the inkjet printer can now also be used to directly print DVDs or CDs.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma iP4600
A special software for the design of the imprints is included. Otherwise: Proven Pixma quality. The resolution of 9,600 x 2,400 is astonishingly high for a 100-euro printer, and if it really only takes 20 seconds for a 10 x 15 centimeter photo, that would be terrific, but this refers to printouts in standard mode. Duplex printing and a separate pigment-based ink for text printing are features that make it even more suitable for jobs beyond the mere photo printing, such as in the office. It is not very daring to predict the future of the Canon Pixma iP4600 printer.


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