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Monday, April 16, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma MP258

Canon Pixma MP258 Driver Download. After a moment's reflection, it was decided that this Canon Pixma MP258 printer should be. Since I have some Canon products, I was convinced of its quality even before the purchase. What the printer should have, he should be able to scan, print and copy. That was the most important. After four years, I can say I would not order the printer again, because you make the operating system of the PC new and then forget to install a certain part of the programs suddenly works neither printer nor scanner, because Windows usually the necessary Programs reinstalled automatically, you think everything would be ready, but as mentioned it was not. So I had to search online on the side of Canon all programs together until the MP Navigator was finally found and only then the scanner works again.

Canon Pixma MP258 Printer Driver Download
If the program is missing, it will not work. A version is included in the delivery, which will last for a very long time. About 250 pages can be printed in very good quality. However, a look at the cartridge costs would have saved me from buying this printer, because they beat with about 18 € per cartridge (the printer requires a color and a black cartridge) quite significant. What I feel negatively, the color cartridge is empty, you can print despite the setting "in grayscale" Nothing more until a new cartridge is there. This slows down the printing process enormously. Also noticed negatively that if something is not right, such as a program is not installed, there is no warning or light that indicates that Canon Pixma MP258 positive: The price is relatively low for the printer itself and the quality of the prints is very good.

Canon Pixma MP258 Software Driver Download
Download Driver Canon Pixma MP258

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MP258
The scanned images are also very well reproduced. The operation of the standard functions is easy (copy / copy / copy black / scan / print). But then unforeseen things like a PC crash should make you feel uncomfortable. For little money I have received this device and had not chosen the slightly more powerful successor model (for 8 euros more), simply because this had cut off so well in the test, and something you have to keep, if you have not before in the store can or wants to try. Who knows, I had no test result for the newer device. So rather risk nothing and the Canon Pixma MP258 quality might not have succeeded in the successor, something should be yes.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MP258
I'm very happy with all the features, but the ink level is fast to 50% and I rarely use the printer. Well, there are not the large cartridges installed at the delivery then offer about 50% more content. But before I order them, I try to refill the ink manually. I'm curious if that works really well or if it is a mess, as some report. So hope the Digital Revolution ink cooperates very well with the printer. The refill ink is good for nothing and already dried after two days. What I really appreciate is the paper feed that folds easily to protect the inside from dust. And the space required for unfolding does not increase. And the flap of the paper output is cleverly stowed in the case. So the device disturbs little and adapts to the workplace wonderful. The scans are also great, who needs more than 600 x 1200 dpi?

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