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Canon Pixma MG645 Driver Download. I have this Canon Pixma MG6450 printer now 3 years and can not connect to the other reviews until partially. It prints very well in high quality as on the first day. It bothered me at the beginning, that always everything must be open in front. Rarely has it confiscated many papers. For me there are unfortunately for a few months, small software errors. It does not turn off after a short time despite setting and does not turn on automatically. It is true that when he is waiting (when switching on / off, after a long break / print) is loud. But that is justifiable. I also do not use original ink cartridges since 1 year and had to replace all cartridges 2 times after 1 year. I'm not a popular printer, but it's rare for me to print up to 25 pages at a time. Dis he creates without problems. Except for ink / paper and paper jam messages, I have not received any error messages yet.

The Canon Pixma MG6450 software bugs can definitely be fixed with updates (which it still gets). All in all, I can recommend this Canon Pixma MG6450 printer to anyone as it uses an innovative ink and pressure system. If you do not mind an always open pressure flap and an always open paper tray, this is also the right place for you. The entire order processing was as always straightforward and quick. The Canon Pixma MG6450 printer does what it should. The first Canon Pixma printer was broken after a short time. (Print head). So currently I'm looking for a new printer. Exclusively because I absolutely have to print on A3! I already own the printer for at least 2.5 years and can not really understand the bad reviews here. Of course, there are always defects or even one or the other "Monday device".

Canon Pixma MG645 Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Canon PIXMA MG6450
Canon Pixma MG6450 Drivers
I find many reviews are very emotional and come out completely without facts. Or even better: things are criticized, which you can unbelievably READ! Why do you give a star, but there is no paper tray (or it is open)? Something you can read or even see on pictures?!?! I would like more professional reviews. And please do not write two minutes after the printer has eaten a paper. Such a review is always very emotional! Short and sweet to the printer: It prints fast and the ink consumption is also very good! I buy the fake ink for 16 € (20x cartridges) and he makes no move to print. The Canon Pixma MG6450 quality of the prints is great!

When starting and stopping it makes funny noises but only briefly. Is actually also irrelevant. Canon Pixma MG6450 prints and he is good at that. From me he can sing me something, as long as he does his job properly. I do not understand why some have problems with the paper feed. So fool you and let the printer do its job? Canon Pixma MG6450 pulls the paper itself and you do not have to punch in it! Easy to push to the stop and good...?! In conclusion: No, I was NOT paid by Canon! But I had to break a lance for the printer! Printing costs, quality and speed are great! 5 Stars! Overall the Canon Pixma MG 6450 is a good multifunctional device that leaves nothing to be desired. What I really liked is the ink tanks. These individual tanks are very cheap to use and the costs are very low!


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