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Canon Selphy 900 Driver Download. A few days ago I learned about the existence of something like the Canon Selphy CP900 mobile printer. I did some research on the web, but I did not find anything that would satisfy my need for information about this device. Disappointed by the fact that no one on the Polish market tried to test and review this product, I decided to buy and play with it a bit, in my opinion not so much. The upcoming Christmas has intensified my desire to have this type of "gadget". To make it interesting and objective, I write this text simultaneously with testing the printer. The whole is packed in a nice, large cardboard box. After opening the packaging positive surprise, the manufacturer provided us only with the things necessary to operate this printer, without unnecessary garbage and bags: A moment of fun in unpacking everything with plastic security and finally I got to a miniature print which is a bit bigger than my Canon 5D mark II with a grip mounted. I take it in my hand and watch it from all sides.

Canon Selphy 900 Printer Drivers Download
The first thing to look at from the front is a large, 3-inch screen, and just a few buttons under it. There is a memory card slot on the front panel and the first surprise is the device is only suitable for handling small cards like: SD / MMC +, and where is the space for my CF card? None ... a pity. Right under the card slot there is a flap which, when opened, reveals the photographic paper feed system. When opening the flip, I was afraid not to break off the two small hinges on which it is mounted. I remove the paper tray from the cardboard and assemble it in a suitable place. Everything comes in very nice and I hear a pleasant crack, which fits like a glove. Disassembly is just as simple as just a slight pull, a slight click and you can pack the whole device into a photo bag. It is worth remembering that the device does not stand on the ground, because light stepping on the paper feeder can destroy it effectively, the plastic from which the canon made it is of dubious strength.

Canon Selphy 900 Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Canon Selphy 900

Canon Selphy 900 Drivers
I turn the device to the right and to the delight of my eyes, on the left side I can see a USB and miniUSB slot - which allows the use of the device using a computer. At the bottom there is one more socket - it is a security socket, which prevents the printer from being accidentally taken from the table by a third party - however, you have to buy a cable on your own. On the back of the device there is a ventilation hole, a power outlet and a long, horizontal hole through which our photographs will appear for a moment. The right side of the printer is the door - interestingly, it is of better quality than the one at the front, which we only open to replace the ink cartridge. It's time to put the plug in and start the device. I press the ON button, the green lamp above the button lights up on the screen, the characteristic Canon word appears on the screen, and the printer makes an unpleasant voice - a clash, as if something has become smashed / entered modes inside the device.

The screen shows information about the lack of paper and ink, ignores it with the ok button and I start to browse the "inside of the device". I press the MENU button and immediately display 2 submenus to choose from: At the first fire I decide to set up a Wi-Fi network, in this menu I have the option to change the device name and select the type of wireless connection: connect to an existing wi-fi network or use AD HOC. I choose to connect to my router, the printer instantly searches for a dozen available networks, I am positively surprised, because my iPhone which lies next to it, sees only 3. I conclude that the built-in Wi-Fi module is very good. The only nuisance is entering the password when the network is secured, because you have to clasp a little before entering these numbers and letters, but if the device will be used at home, it is done only once. The printer connected to the network as quickly as it detected it.


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