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Epson L200 Driver Download. A multifunctional with ink tank "bulk" factory. Powered by 4 ink bottles with 70ml each printer is a good option for those who print a lot and want an alternative to the high cost of cartridges. It is difficult to find someone who has never suffered at the hands of an inkjet printer: the most important time the ink runs out and you need to change cartridges, which are expensive and store low on ink. Those seeking something more lasting economic had only one alternative: tanks of generic inks, the "bulk", connected directly to the printer, a process carried out by third parties invalidate the warranty and may damage the equipment.

Epson L200 Printer Driver Download
Fortunately Epson, close to the market, has released an official version of this solution: a multifunctional L200 is the first with a coupled ink tank factory. There are four tanks for cyan, magenta, yellow and black, each comprising 70 ml of ink and recharged via flasks sold by the manufacturer. The product is already accompanied by 6 bottles: cyan, magenta, yellow and three black bottles. A full tank can print up to 4000 pages in black and white or up to 6,500 color pages. The maximum print resolution of 5760 x 1440 DPI. Otherwise, the L200 functions as a traditional multifunction without many configurations or advanced options. In print, the scanner allows you to scan images or make copies with a resolution of 600 DPI.

Epson L200 Drivers Download

Download Driver Epson L200

The print quality does not disappoint - the images are níticas and vivid, as expected of a common printer inkjet. The L200 print about 10 pages per minute mixed text with small color images or an entire photo per minute. When making copies, a black and white page takes 11 seconds to be copied as a color can take up to 40 seconds. The tank is empty, but the charging process is very simple. Each tank reservoir has a rubber cap to prevent leakage. Just remove the bottle seal, position it with the nozzle in the tank and make a gentle pressure to empty it completely.

In the tests, we found no difficulty in making refills and, oddly enough, not soiled in during the exchange - something that is very common when working with alternative Bulks systems. Everything is simple and clean in the solution of Epson. Now, with a full tank, just close the lid and turn to the bureaucratic part of the process.

Epson only allows the use of original inks for food L200. To prevent any generic ink (and cheaper) to be used in the product, the company created an authentication system for paints: Each bottle comes with a serial number that must be entered after recharging. This key is authenticated on the printer software that comes with the product. Without entering a unique number, the printer will simply not work. This means that you can only buy original bottles Epson T66 series. Each bottle of 70ml, regardless of color, has a suggested retail price of 25 reais which is little if we consider that a cartridge of a traditional printer Epson with just 5ml costs around 20 dollars.

Epson L200 has an entry price a little high. To get an idea, you would pay nearly half dessevalor in a common multifunction without integrated ink tank, but with the same print quality. But in the long term it offers excellent value for money for those who print a lot. A single bottle of ink, which costs about 25 dollars, is equivalent to 14 traditional cartridges Epson 5ml, which together would total almost $ 300. If you print a lot and looking for a commodity with a good value for money, the L200 is a great choice. Epson L200 is a good option for those who print a lot, but looking for an alternative to the high cost of cartridges of multifunctional jet ordinary ink.


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  2. Download Photo Software Epson L200 for WINDOW 32/64-bit
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  4. Download Driver Epson L200 for WINDOW 10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/XP (64-bit)

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