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Download Driver Epson WorkForce M205

Epson WorkForce M205 Driver Download. If you have not heard so far, Epson has completely changed the philosophy of producing a printer. The new generation representative is also the printer we have on the test the Epson WorkForce M205. What is the first association, or rather, the problem you encounter when printing larger amounts of documents, pictures, anything? As soon as the story begins with the price of toner, you immediately bend your hair. Or better - how many toners (inkjet, laser, ...) can print at all. And that's not all, the question is how much really a realistic page you can print with these toners and how much does it cost you print per page?

Questions that surely bother anyone who prints larger amounts of paper, no matter what the content was on them. Epson has long been aware of the problem, so they have recently decided to make a different product that would not be so vibrant as the toners are picking up and printing is not worth it.

In this story, the printer on the Epson Model WorkForce M205 is on our test desk. He is a member of the new family of printers whose main task is to save your money! For this purpose, Epson has developed a so-called "Ink Tank" system in which the user can drop the color into the container without any problems. You can export everything in seconds. Truly very simple, effective and ultimately - cheap.

Remember how we used to do that before. There are two variants. The first is buying questionable quality toner cartridges (inkjet, laser) that can cause problems with your printer (such as scratching the head) or the print is of poor quality. Another way is to "punch" the needles of the toner itself and then insert the color, and then tighten it again (read: stick to the tape tape). None of the other methods sounded reliably, but we all worked. Why? Because the toners were expensive. On average, the toner kit costs as much as the printer itself, perhaps even more.

Epson has come up with this problem and invented the Ink Tank System. We'll describe it later, let's go right. We will first look at the external appearance of the printer we are testing, the WorkForce M205 printer.

Epson WorkForce M205 Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Epson WorkForce M205

We are talking about toners all the time (in this case, it's called a "print cartridge") so we did not tell you how the M205 is a multifunctional monochrome printer. In other words, it can print, copy and scan in a black-and-white combination. This model has no color other than black and is intended for those who print a large amount of documents that do not have to be in color. These may be smaller and medium, and even bigger companies. During the testing we noticed that it was pretty quick and silent to be able to satisfy even the most extreme users.

Design-looking, in front of us we have another Epson dice. That might have been the most accurate description. The jagged shape, with a sloping, fixed front panel, which is very easy to use. The screen is small, also monochromatic, with one alphanumeric character, and prints all basic commands. With the environment it is connected by a network (LAN) cable, it does not support WiFi, which might be a bit weird because we are already accustomed to "wireless" printers. But okay, we'll connect it to a network.

Being a worthy worker, it would be good to be available to everyone. It's best to put it somewhere in the corridor, or a larger room. And while it's printing, it's pretty quiet so your work will not bother you. Still, if you can, put it somewhere where nobody bothered and everyone is available. The choice is yours.

You can only load paper from above. There is no drawer, which is a bit squeezed by printing a large amount of paper, because you will always run around and fill it with paper. It's not a problem, but let's mention it because we hope Epson will install a solid-capacity paper tray in the next iteration.

We locked the printer from all sides and noticed two features. The first is that it is very robust and compact, although it looks fragile at first glance. Do not disturb your plastic, it's pretty solid. And another feature is amazing lightness. We expected it to be a bit harder to transmit, but the printer was unexpectedly lightweight.


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