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HP Envy 5530 Driver Download. With Envy 5530, HP promises an all-in-one versatile inkjet printer capable of printing photos "professional quality", in addition to printing documents "remarkable". A pioneer in mobile printing, the US manufacturer boasts print and scan from a smartphone or tablet operated from the HP Printer Control app and the ability to print from anywhere in the world. In many promises in short. The Photosmart name that once pointed to a range of touch-connected printers and HP, will disappear for the common denominator of Envy manufacturer, like laptops. This model for home use replaces the 3-in-1 Photosmart 5525. New name input range, new design in favor of a more refined and modern look. SIMPLICITY is the key word for this printer. With its color touch screen of 6.74 cm, one quickly access all the options and intuitively. Here, simplicity does not mean limitations. Any entry level it is, this model is not stingy with functionality. There is Wi-Fi, connected services (printing coloring or recipes), printing and scanning from a mobile device, the duplex, an SD card reader, in short, Envy the 5530 is well equipped.

HP Envy 5530 Printer Driver Download
Despite all this, it hardly takes overweight and still elegant. Its dimensions (44.5 x 33.4 x 12 cm) make it a relatively easy printer to fit on a desk or shelf. Loading tray (100 sheets) remains small compared to the standard that rise to 200 or 250 sheets; which is not too annoying for home use. Debit side, our actions remind us that we are before an entry model. We stay away from the big boys of the class, as the Officejet Pro X576dw the same manufacturer (40 and 43 pages per minute (ppm) in color and black respectively). Here, we simply 9 and 14 ppm, which ultimately remains suitable for home use. Photo printing does not miracle in terms of throughput, and regresses even compared to the previous version, with 1 minute for a photo 10 x 15 against 35 s.

HP Envy 5530 Drivers Download
Download Driver HP Envy 5530

HP Envy 5530 Drivers
Significant change compared to the Photosmart 5525: one from 4 separate cartridges two-piece cartridges. If the quality is very suitable for the text, the printer shows its limits when it comes to more complex reproductions, as evidenced by our test chart for example. A heterogeneous pattern is observed in the areas of color. Difficult to describe the quality of "professional" as HP claims. The letters lack clarity and depth, the droplet size is noticeable and the whole is rather messy. Photo suffers from the same problems: it is clear drops on almost all surfaces. However, the colors are accurate with an average deviation dE94 measured at 6.5. It is clear that the record entry level Canon printer (Pixma MG3550) is superior. Access to the copy in two clicks on the touch screen. We can then print in monochrome or color pretty easily. Count respectively 13 and 21 seconds to see out the copy. The settings are easy to access and allow to choose the size, quality or the duplex. The scanner is fast: 19 seconds for a photo in 10 x 15 cm and 13 seconds for an A4 document. Time rather quick and easy use that lets you choose the destination from the touch screen, namely a computer, an SD card or an email address. We found a consumption of 13 W and 1.6 W printing standby. Values below those usually observed, respectively 20 W and W 3 on average. The HP Envy 5530 emits a relatively low noise level with 48 dB sound level meter readings.

Download Printer Driver HP Envy 5530
For monoblock cartridges, we remember that it is better to prefer the XL versions, more expensive to buy, but cheaper in the end, to the standard versions. The Envy 5530 shows a cost of 11.3 cents on the page, above the average calculated on the basis of dozens of inkjet printers, ie 9.3 cents, and especially higher than 7.4 cents the Photosmart 5525 (also better quality)! The black and color XL capacity ISO autonomies offer respectively 330 and 480 copies. The HP Envy 5530 does not revolutionize the industry. However, we appreciate its simplicity and usability of the touch screen. The new design is also a success. Entry forces, flow rates are faster and the picture quality is still far from the "professional" promised by HP and a notch below the model it replaces, the Photosmart 5525 which remains to this title better.

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