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HP Envy 5640 Driver Download. The inkjet printer 3-in-1 HP Envy 5640 is placed on top of the Envy series, which replaces the Photosmart. Touch screen, duplex, Wi-Fi, SD card reader, it loads a good amount of useful functions and practices. It is primarily the replacement of a reference in our survey, the Photosmart 6525. Is the falls ensured? Visually, it is quite close to the Officejet 5740; only the absence of the document feeder is visible. The assembly and materials quality, the design is sleek and compact layout (45 x 41 x 16 cm). Connectivity is provided by a USB and Wi-Fi.

HP Envy 5640 Printer Driver Download
Tradition at HP, ergonomics and ease of use are at the rendezvous. The touch screen of 6.75 cm fulfilling its role properly, the menus are clear and it goes quickly to the point. An SD card reader makes it easy to print photos, even if you dream of a slightly larger screen for better viewing. USB port for external devices (USB drive, for example) is unfortunately still not at the rendezvous. The paper tray can accommodate 125 A4 sheets, a proper amount for this type of printer. It is found in addition to a dedicated photo paper tray 10 x 15 rather convenient not to have to play with the guides of the main tray. The Envy 5640 reached honorable discharge with 16 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white and 12 ppm color. However, it is slightly worse than offered by the 6525 that pointed at rates of 19 and 13 ppm. Black drying time is always problematic for duplex printing, then dropping rates to 8 ppm. Image 4. Print quality for its part seems slightly up, with detailed graphics and color gradients respected. The biggest advance is in drops, less visible than the Envy of its great Photosmart sister.

HP Envy 5640 Drivers Download
Download Driver HP Envy 5640
The picture was a bit weak point of the Photosmart 6525, with visible drops and blacks who lacked depth. Despite a passage 2 cartridges, HP managed to slightly blur these defects to provide better detail rendering. However, the colors are a little less accurate, with a deltaE measured at 7.9 (against 5.9 in the previous version). The flow rates are also lighter in photo, with 2 minutes 14 seconds for an A4 print and 1 min 9 s for a 10 x 15 cm, against 1 min 24 s and 42 s, respectively, for the same tasks with 6525. A decline certainly but nothing catastrophic.
Image 3.

Download Driver Printer HP Envy 5640
Scanning can be done to choose a memory card, a computer or email. The quality of the scanned files is pretty good for a hardware that range. Scanning an A4 paper and a photo 10 x 15 is fast (respectively 16 and 20 seconds at 300 dpi). The copy function is often a source of degradation of output quality. Here the Envy 5640 honors the original document, with some respect gradients and readable graphics in color or black and white. A very good point. With 19 seconds to get a copy in black and white and 26 seconds for color, flows copy mode are correct. Low energy consumption, the Envy 5640 merely less than 1W in standby and only 11 W in operation. This is as good as Expression Home XP-415 Epson. It is also silent with 48 dB (A) measured in operation. We find the same cartridges as the Officejet 5740, which in their XL version can print 600 pages. This gives a cost per page than 7 cents, a price lower than the average of printers tested by us (9.3 ct). The HP Envy 5640 does not pray in the morning or the ignition to exit the first page it must be respectively 23 and 26 seconds under these conditions. The task was not easy for this HP Envy 5640 since it must ensure the succession of his eldest excellent, the Photosmart 6625. Yet it manages to erase the printing defects of the latter, ultimately providing a full and talented printer most areas. It became our favorite new printer of the moment.

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