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HP OfficeJet Pro X451DN Driver DownloadRanging from very good and very disappointing performance, device gives a real node in the user's head at the time of purchase. Not every printer is easily classified as good or bad. And that is precisely the case of HP OfficeJet Pro X451 Inkjet. With a performance variation beyond confused, this printer makes you change your mind every second. Check out our review. We can classify the HP OfficeJet Pro X451 Inkjet confused as a printer. Let's say this because, while it has a 36 ppm in both black and white and color print speed, good number for midsize devices, it disappoints in the monthly cycle, which is only 50 thousand, considered down. The waiting time to first print (9.5 seconds) is considered good, while the print resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, both color and black on white, is considered a bit disappointing. Although the two points do not have direct relationship serves to see once again that "confusion" of the HP device, ranging from very good to disappointing performance in seconds.

HP OfficeJet Pro X451DN Printer Driver Download
This printer weighs 17.1 kg and has dimensions of 38 x 68 x 67 cm (H x W x D). The finish is plastic and its design is a bit strange. Despite being square, its output tray has a curved style, which gives a different style from the others. The control panel is located on top of the printer, where we find a small display with a user-friendly menu, and six buttons that will initiate, will pause, cancel and decide the number of prints. Installing this printer is made automatically when you connect it to your computer via USB. Nevertheless, the manufacturer sends an installation CD together like product. Supported operating systems are: Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (SP3, 32-bit), Mac OS X v10.6, Mac OS X Lion, Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Linux. The connections found in this printer are: a USB 2.0 host high-speed USB 2.0 high-speed Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX; 802.11b station / g / n access point 802.11b / g.

HP OfficeJet Pro X451DN Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver HP OfficeJet Pro X451
Technical features and performance
This printer is capable of printing both black and white and color. However, it is not versatile, and you may not copy or scan and with her. The types of roles are supported: A4, A5, A6, B5, B6, C5, C6, DL, Envelope and Office. The supply of this printer can be done by the following toner cartridges: - HP 970 Black Officejet CN621AM Ink Cartridge (~ 3000 pages) - HP 971 Cyan Officejet CN622AM Ink Cartridge (~ 2500 pages) - HP 971 Magenta Officejet CN623AM Ink Cartridge (~ 2,500 pages) - CN624AM HP Officejet 971 Yellow Ink Cartridge (~ 2500 pages) - CN625AM HP 970 XL Black Officejet Ink Cartridge (~ 9200 pages) - CN626AM HP 971 Cyan Officejet Ink Cartridge XL (~ 6,600 pages) - CN627AM HP 971 Magenta Officejet XL Ink Cartridge (~ 6600 pages) - CN628AM HP 971 XL Yellow Officejet Ink Cartridge (~ 6600 pages) This printer has an input 500-sheet tray, a multipurpose output to 50 sheets and a 300-sheet face down.

Download Printer Driver HP OfficeJet Pro X451DN
By buying this printer, the user receives from a black ink cartridge HP 970 Officejet Setup ProX, cyan ink cartridge HP 971 Officejet Setup ProX, a magenta ink cartridge HP 971 Officejet Setup ProX a yellow ink cartridge HP 971 Officejet Setup ProX (composite CMY), a power cable, an installation guide and CD-ROMs (for software, printer drivers for Windows and Mac and user guide). The warranty is 12 months and the manufacturer does not power consumption and noise level. In a printer as confusing as this, it is not easy to give a verdict. Because of this, we prefer to let you choose whether or not worth worth buying it. If you need a printer that can withstand high demand, buy, if you need good resolution, look for another.

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