Thursday, July 19, 2018

Download Driver Epson L350

Epson L350 Driver Download. To check whether the printer specification provided by the manufacturer is true and how the printer works in everyday use I have prepared a short test: I printed a 10 page document in 3 modes (fast, standard, high quality) and measured print times: You can achieve results of 9 pages per minute, but this is the time of printing the lowest page quality. You can see that "fast printing" is much lower quality than standard print, here the difference is huge. There is also a difference, although small between high-quality print and standard print. Black is actually deeper, but the print time increases immeasurably to its quality. When testing printing color pictures is similar. By printing a document prepared by myself (2 pages) in fast mode, I obtained the time of 15 seconds per paper, in standard mode 23 seconds, and in high quality mode it was 55s. The difference in quality between fast and standard print is large.

I thought about the home photogardaphic workshop - why run to the photographer and pay for the photo call. After all, we can print them at home. The printer did not have any problems printing photos on photo paper. One 50x15cm photo took an average of 50 seconds to print. The Epson L350 quality was not as good as the photographer's - the depth of colors is smaller, but still it is good. When printing home photos completely sufficient. In addition, when using the home method, printing the photo must be reconciled with the margin on our products. Taking into account that such printing is cheaper than calling the photographer I am ready to accept this shortcoming.

Epson L350 Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Epson L350

Download Driver Printer Epson L350
The Epson L350 multifunction device also has a built-in scanner. However, it is not a revolution or breakthrough, it has a maximum scanning resolution of 1200 x 2400 dpi, which is a result similar to the competition. This allows you to scan and digitize documents and create quick copies of a document placed in the scanner. By default, the printer can duplicate a document in monochrome or color, but there is no display of how many copies have been ordered for execution. When we want to make them 50, we will not be standing and counting with the scanner. The method of attaching the scanner cover deserves praise. The manufacturer predicted that we might want to scan something thicker than a single A4 sheet, the construction of the cover allows you to lift it so that it rests flat on the scanned object.

Epson ensures that this Epson L350 is versatile. I decided to check it and installed Iprint on the smarthphone. The application was created for both Android, iOS and Windows Phon, unfortunately it is available only in English. Immediately after installing the program, connecting to the network and searching for printers, the application was ready for operation. I was afraid that its functionality would be poor and the possibilities limited, but thanks to this application the legitimacy of running a computer to print something turns out to be absolutely unnecessary! Iprint allows you to print any photo or document located on a smathphone or in a cloud synchronized with our smartphone. It is enough to select the elements to be printed, select the basic settings (the paper size in the printer and the color or shades of gray print) and you're done! Documents, spreadsheets, photos. The entire printing process takes place in a few movements. For a person like me, when all documents are in the clouds and a mobile device, this solution is an absolute revolution.

It is not the lowest price, but the capabilities of this device and its functionality prove it. The printer has a few drawbacks, but in relation to the whole they become unimportant and acceptable, If you print a ream of paper a month, and we use an old inkjet printer, the investment in this device will pay us very quickly. I fully confirm the manufacturer's assurance: the device is versatile and enables synchronization of the printout from all computer devices at home. Printer support and maintenance will not cause any problems to anyone and anyone with basic computer skills will configure it. If you are looking for a versatile and low-cost device or you just have enough of the torment of exchanging ink or toner in your old printer,

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