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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Download Driver HP Scanjet 5590

HP Scanjet 5590 Driver DownloadThis Scanjet 5590 makes a good impression. Use it in the company for document management (receipt of receipt) in "DATEV Company Online" (for receipt image processing by the tax consultant) and scan everything with the DATEV software via the TWAIN interface. No misfeeds (diagonal or several leaves), you can trigger the batch scan (TIFF, SW, 200 DPI), which runs smoothly, and take care of something else. When it's done, I link eg multi-page documents in the DATEV scan module to a document image and press Send and you're done. The duplexer and Scannerglasscans also run perfectly. I have now processed 3 months and nearly 2,000 pages. The HP scanning software is ok too, but with the "Cancel" button it has a translation error.

HP Scanjet 5590 Scanner Driver Download
The HP Scanjet 5590 has made trouble again (wrong page breaks, blank pages) and above all: when scanning 2 or more pages, the image qualities of the following pages were getting worse. I complained and now sent the device back and got the money back. As a replacement, we got the Canon DR-C125, which works great, has better software and works much faster. The HP gives the impression that it is not up to date, although produced in 2014. Since I once trusted the brand name and have assumed that an experienced manufacturer with an expensive scanner brings a reliable product on the market. No indication, the cut sheet feeder is completely useless. So far, I have not experienced a (!) Scan without jamming or pulling several sheets in one go. What should this be?

HP Scanjet 5590 Software Driver Download
Download Driver HP Scanjet 5590

Download Scanner Driver HP Scanjet 5590
The HP Scanjet 5590 scanner software also gives the impression that trainees were working around in their first year of apprenticeship. Without words. So I can not recommend this HP Scanjet 5590! The support leaves a lot to be desired, not only that the ladies do not understand German well, but also as soon as one goes a little deeper into the state of affairs have no idea and have to ask a colleague, what then means wait, wait, wait (5- 10min queue are nothing). This device works only if a computer on which the software is installed is also running. If you use the shortcuts that you have previously configured on a computer wants to use (in which is deposited which resolution the scan should have, whether two-sided or one-sided, which file format and where it should be stored in my case in a non-password-protected network folder), I assume that this happens too.

Download Driver Scanner HP Scanjet 5590
But if no computer is turned on in the network on which the software is stored, it is not. If a computer in the network is switched on is in the display of the scanner -> please continue the scan on the PC <-? Every time in the 2nd floor. Race and continue on the PC? One can not tell the scanner send to folder "XY" or simply assign a network folder, you always have to choose a computer so that he scans. A multifunction printer with network connection can and costs a quarter of what this scanner costs. It may of course be that I'm too stupid but it is also described nowhere reasonable and the support says that you need a running computer. That can not be a network scanner sense and purpose! Conclusion: I can not understand why you should buy this device! Even if it should cost only 100 ¬ I can not recommend the HP Scanjet 5590 scanner!
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