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Download Driver Epson L300

Epson L300 Drivers Download. The L300 is Ithe printer with ink without end. The color printers who promise a high number of small-print prints have become a trend in the past year, and we are witnessing the emergence of an increasing number of models that can pick up the figures for one inkjet printer up to a year ago unthinkable. In percentage terms, most domestic firms belong to a group of smaller companies where the monthly printing volume is up to 1000 sheets of paper, and this is precisely the category where printing was almost the most expensive. The traditional ink-jet models were totally unprofitable due to low capacity cartridges and their high prices, while on the other hand cheap laser variants offered greater capacity, but also the price of new cartridges, which was often twice the price of the device itself.

Last fall, the Japanese Epson, its model L200 brought almost a revolution in the segment of low-cost inkjet printers by offering a device that comes with factory-integrated system for uninterrupted supply of ink, and is brought high capacity storage for ink without losing the factory warranty. Whether the inspiration was taken from the car industry and the boom of a car with a factory-installed device for liquefied gas or if only the market required such a move is actually not important, users are those who have benefited in this case because it is finally possible to print in color for relatively small sum of money. The main complaint that we had on the current L200, the model was a relatively slow work, more convenient to a home user than a small office, and this is exactly what the problem is trying to replace the new L300 printer.

Epson L300 Driver & Software Download
Download Epson L300 Printer Driver

Download Driver Printer Epson L300
Visible differences are small, most noticeable is the displacement of the ink tank from the left to the right of the device, as well as the movable control panel, which is moved from the top to the front of the printer. Unfortunately, the visual indication continues to come down to the status lamps, the LCD screen we are accustomed to on the more expensive Epson devices does not exist on this model, which is almost paradox considering that Epson was among the first to use them. Although at first glance it acts as a "fensi" plug-in that does not actually have any special function, the LCD can be both useful and useful, both due to the display of ink levels, as well as to control day-to-day operations such as visual indication of the remaining number of pages, where the paper is jammed, and the like. An important addition to the predecessor is support for WiFi networks,

We made even more important changes under the hood, but, in fact, very little. The scanner has experienced refreshment, and its resolution has been duplicated, while the print resolution has remained at an enviable 5760 x 1440 pixel per inch. While the print quality is at a similar level, the fast results are dramatically better, and in the worst, draft printing mode has reached 22 A4 pages per minute, almost double the last year's model. In normal print mode, the L355 has reached nine pages per minute, and the best mode gives three pages per minute, which is already acceptable for the office environment too.

It is important to note that the L300 uses identical ink bottles of 70 ml capacity, so the cost of exploitation is at the same level as for the predecessor, that is about 900 dinars per color, which should give impressive 4000 impressions to Epson. The price of a device of 220 euros is found to be equivalent to what this multifunctional device offers, and if you are looking for a printer from which you expect a good price tag, the Epson L300 is also worth the attention.

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