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Brother MFC-J4625DW Driver Download. My last printer purchase was affectionately called the "Tupperdose" in the circle of colleagues. Because that's exactly what the good piece looked like: A playful inkjet, portable, cheap and good for people who want to carry their printer for whatever reason through the area. The consumption was huge, the pressure slowly - and probably the good piece has not grown old. At some point he simply stopped by the customer. My new is not a Tupperdose: Where the old was round and knobbly, he is clear and elegant. Surfaces in easy-care matt black, with shiny gray edges. Clearly a modern, elegant design language dominates here. The first impression says: conservative solidity.

Brother MFC-J4625DW Printer Driver Download
Wireless printing with the Brother MFC-J4625DW
The Brother MFC-J4625DW comes with power cable, fax cable, print cartridges in black, yellow, magenta and cyan, another black cartridge as a replacement, as well as a user manual and installation CD. Nanu, no data cable? I where! We are in the 21st century, we are not in the office cubicle and the printer is not addressed in the modern household by cable from the PC in the office, but wirelessly from all mobile devices. Completely to taste may be accessed via Wi-Fi, via Near-Field Communication (NFC) or wonderful via the Internet via App. For Apple fans also AirPrint should be interesting - so you can print directly from the iPhone. Expression from the Google Cloud? No problem! Wow, barely unpacked, the printer is not even connected and I'm thrilled: Good looking & great.

Brother MFC-J4625DW Drivers & Software Download
Download Driver Brother MFC-J4625DW

BROTHER MFC-J4625DW Multifunction Printer Driver
Commissioning the Brother MFC-J4625DW
Well, up, up and fresh to work. Manuals I despise on principle and just go. Connect to power, fold out display, press power button. It's buzzing, the printer is checking. The display is on a full-fledged, crystal-clear fold-out display and the printer tells me what to do: open the door, insert cartridges and the machine is ready for use. Quickly set up the Wi-Fi and I print my first document. The print in black and white is running fast. Then it goes on in color - already less fast. But the printed image remains clear and balanced.

Brother MFC-J4625DW Driver Download
The Brother MFC-J4625DW as a fax machine
The Brother MFC-J4625DW also performs well when scanning. If you still want to use a fax machine, for the corresponding function is certainly a real selling point. When I think back to our first fax machine in the 90s... With integrated phone and AB and hellishly heavy... Well, the earth keeps turning and the technology is moving forward. Incidentally, the manual tells me that an external answering machine and external telephone can also be operated on the same telephone system. Well, it's nice to see this device bridge the gap between the world of faxes and location-independent AirPrint. Who likes to give me his fax number? Maybe I'll send you a fax from the holidays of my iPhone.


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