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Canon Pixma MX535 Driver Download. The Canon Pixma MX535 prints combined device on your home and workplace of cloud services. The test reveals how well it works. Canon Pixma MX535 also recognized at the domestic work further on MFPs with fax function. The tested model is a refresh of the existing device series. New to the MX535 is the ability to set the combination device as an access point to drive it directly via mobile device. The features of the Canon Pixma MX535 meets the requirements in the workplace, but dispenses with playful. Thus, the display is limited to a magazine ad - no color, no touch. Into the paper tray 100 sheets fit on an extra photo tray omitted the Canon Pixma MX535. In the automatic document feeder can load up to 30 sheets. The MFP dominates the duplex printing - which is handy in the office use. As ports, the device offers complimentary wireless internet access a USB port and a USB host port on the front of the chassis.

Canon Pixma MX535 Printer Driver Download
The additional functions for mobile printing are designed for the professional benefits. How can MX535 print from cloud services like Evernote or Dropbox with the Canon Pixma. Not directly on the MX535, but the mobile device. You need to connect when you set up the transceiver with the Canon inkjet Cloud Printing Center. Once connected, the printer will print a registration sheet with the ID for the model. Do you already have an account, sign in and the printer directly. This is not the case, you must first create an access with email address and password on a computer or mobile device. Then call the browser on your smartphone or tablet PC to the address and log in with your access data. In the test we print from Google Drive. Here PDFs, .doc files, RTFs and JPGs can be output without objection on MX535. Excel files can not prepare for printing the Canon cloud service. Either they hang endlessly fixed with status "Processing", or the printer just haunts just an empty sheet. Even Google's own documents not recognized by the cloud service as a printable material. In printing, the Canon Pixma MX535 does a solid job: The lyrics have a good black coverage, colors are bright, albeit in Red and Blue somewhat overstated. Our test scans noticed something light and turn too much of red- and blue-tinged. At the same time they lose in the depth of sharpness quickly. Nevertheless, your quality for office purposes sufficient. Our copies intersects the unit at the end of document from something. A very clean 1: 1 copy, therefore, does not come out. Vote for both black and color cover.

Canon Pixma MX535 Drivers Download
Download Driver Canon Pixma MX535

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MX535 
Speed ​​- split image in the printing and scanning. The tempo runs give an ambiguous result: For the Canon Pixma MX535 works especially in text printing on paper neatly Norma afloat. Sun, 10 text pages are done in 1:07. However, this print job extended in duplex mode to 3:37 minutes. Also on special media such as photo paper it is more leisurely to the point: A borderless photo size of 10 x 15 centimeters takes at least 1:45. Threesome does the scan unit: 6 seconds for the thumbnail and 8 and 7 seconds Graufstufen- and text scans can be proud of.

Driver Download Canon Pixma MX535
Average fuel consumption in the prices page. In the current requirement Canon Pixma MX535 which makes a good figure. Because there is already switched on in sleep mode after a few minutes to 0 watts when it is controlled via USB. Depends on the device wirelessly, it goes to 1.6 watts - even a tragic consumption. The switch disconnects the MX535 completely from the mains - that is commendable. Quite as frugal-One in the side prices is not: even on the basis of XL cartridges reached the four-color machine with 4.2 cents for monochrome and 6.3 cents for the colored sheet only average values.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MX535 
For home, the Canon Pixma MX535 is when a fax is required and the printing and copying needs is not too high. Fall in the domestic office many prints and copies to the side prices themselves are not low enough with XL cartridges. Many Düsenspülgänge drive the consumption in addition to the top, without the user has a direct benefit. For this purpose, the printing, scanning and copying quality ranges from absolute. The drive to cloud services via wireless and mobile device is convenient but not very mature, because not all common document formats are supported. The purchase price for the unit itself is very inexpensive. Cloud-enabled multifunction system for easy printing, copying, scanning and faxing. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows the sharing of functions of several PCs or mobile devices. Cloud-enabled multifunction system with printing, copying, scanning and faxing. Fully integrated automatic document feeder for up to 30 sheets. Sharing via Wi-Fi. Print from and scan to mobile devices with the PIXMA Printing Solutions app. Support for PIXMA Cloud Link, Google Cloud Print, and Apple AirPrint.

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