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Download Driver HP Envy 5530

HP Envy 5530 Driver Download. Which multifunction device with WLan connection is recommended? HP ENVY 5530 in the test that offers the inkjet multifunction printer. Do you know? The warranty of one of your devices has just expired and zack, device is defective! This is how I have often, recently it has caught my old multifunction device. I rarely need the functions like scanning, copying and of course printing, but a replacement had to be made. Ultimately, thanks to a good offer from Amazon, I ended up with an HP ENVY 5530. You can read about my first assessment below.

HP Envy 5530 Printer Driver Download
As I wrote above, I rarely print and scan. But for authorities or the rapid expression in between, multifunction devices have proven themselves. In the end, I shot the HP ENVY 5530 for cheap money in an offer. The device offers the right equipment of a multi-functional device and an important for me WLan connection. In addition, the HP ENVY 5530 makes a visually very good impression and is relatively small and space-saving.

HP Envy 5530 Drivers Download
Download Driver HP Envy 5530
HP Envy 5530 Drivers
Construction and installation
Construction and installation were done quickly, HP dispensed with much packaging material and has thoughtfully packaged the device. For example, you pull the HP ENVY 5530 out of the box in a big bag and so have no trouble unpacking it. Ultimately, these are little things, but somewhere they just stay in the memory as thoughtful and meaningful.

After switching on, you will be guided through the initial setup via the well-functioning touch display. The insertion of the ink cartridges and the connection to the domestic WLAN are illustrated. After all, setting up the device is a matter of a few minutes, at the end there is a test page and you're done. After the device was registered in the WLAN, the printer was already "found" by my PC.

I already use Windows 10 on my gaming PC , the printer was found here immediately and I was able to print without further installation. For the functions scan I have then installed a small suite of HP (you should note, the various hooks to remove bloatware).

Conclusion HP ENVY 5530
I am not the expert in the field of printer / multifunction device, but I can at least for my part a positive conclusion for the HP ENVY 5530 issue. At a reasonable price you get a multifunctional device, which is equipped with WiFi, smartphone and tablet connection and touch display super. The print quality is convincing and the working speed is more than sufficient for home use. If you are looking for a small, nice and cheap device, you can not go wrong with the HP ENVY 5530. Ultimately, this is also confirmed by the good 4 stars.

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