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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Download Driver Canon Pixma E480

Canon Pixma E480 Driver Download. Maybe my review is not to be taken seriously because I had a 1000 year old before this printer, but this printer from Canon has really convinced me. It prints and copies quickly, and he is also easy to use! The only thing that bothers me is the price of the ink and that I can not get the wifi connection. I use the printer only for document printing, the quality of photos I can therefore give no information. I have the printer for about 4 years now. As a student, I print about 120-300 pages a week. So far, no defects have occurred, everything is still working properly. The cartridges are easy to fill themselves, which keeps the follow-up costs for me minimal. Only the printing speed is a bit slow, but the reliability of this shortcoming for me more than makes up for it.

The device works perfectly and gives me pleasure; but the ink consumption seems to me a bit too high. After I needed a printer for a short time and could not afford a 150 Euro printer, I came across this small Canon printer. It's really not big, easy to use, no touch screen for anyone who, despite the description, just asked. SD and MSDuo card slots for copying directly from the card via the manager on the PC possible. Cartridge change is also quite easy, but I have to admit that the cartridges are sucked up pretty quickly. Also, the scanning works without problems, in which case I activate the scanner via the desktop menu, because this function initially, despite cable, on the Pixma itself did not work. Despite everything: For smaller office work and occasional printing and scanning a clear purchase recommendation.

Canon Pixma E480 Drivers & Software Download

Download Driver Canon Pixma E480

Download Canon Pixma E480 Driver
I have been with the printer for a good three years now. So far, despite - in the meantime - a few prints (maybe once a month) nothing dried up. Of course you should also use the original cartridges if it is already krakelt again that the cartridge volume is low. That's enough for so many prints! So do not panic immediately and change later. So far, there have been no problems with the connection. Only stupid thing about this printer / scanner is that you just can not scan and print something in a slip. File off, then print. In use for two years and a good all rounder. Scan and print at medium ink consumption. For the price okay, but only at medium pressure. Looks high quality, was easy to get started thanks to the description and so far fulfilled its purpose. Unfortunately prints very slowly, but in a good quality. Unfortunately, the cartridges were quickly empty and refill cartridges are very expensive.

The Canon Pixma E480 printer has been in use for over two years and I'm always excited and satisfied: The cartridges are available quickly and not too expensive, there are also no-name replacement cartridges that are even cheaper, but I have so far not tried. The printer makes a lot of noise when it is turned on or prints, but I got used to it quickly. It comes with an air-print feature so I can quickly print from my tablet or smartphone. Other positives include a USB port, SD card slot (scans can either be stored directly on it or printed directly from there), and the Internet connection can be either permanently set or for a specified time to quickly print , If you want to print without Internet, you can of course also with a printer cable, but only from the laptop or PC. The print settings are very versatile and can be changed on request (double-sided, format, quality,). The cartridges hold with me for about 6 months at a normal to low pressure, without the cartridges are dried! The shipping was fast and flawless, was delivered without quibbles. The Canon Pixma E480 print quality is good, only sometimes he just does not want to move my paper. In addition, I sometimes have to search new in macOS, because he does not respond. Not a big problem for me - but unfortunately it is not 100% reliable. I would recommend him to those who are technically savvy and can solve such problems quickly alone. Otherwise: not necessarily something for the inexperienced.
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