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Monday, May 21, 2018

Download Driver HP LaserJet Pro M1217NFW

HP LaserJet Pro M1217NFW Driver Download. After I bought only HP laser printers since, these included: 1100, 1200, 3200, 4500 Color, 3600 Color and a scanner, I have now, after the 3200 could not receive any more fax, gained the above. Date of purchase in mid-September, installed in late September since been on holiday. All HP printer installation via CD or through the operating system XP was a simple matter. There was never even a hint of a problem. The installation of the new multi-device was simple in principle, USB cable into the PC and then began the guided installation. It is operated with a Toshiba laptop with XP. However, some adjustments were (a "real" manual there is not) so wrong that I have addressed the support. The printer should do via Wi-Fi service. The assistance of the support was initially very helpful, I could at least the unit (as Ing. Degree. And radio amateur I count myself indeed something to the tech-savvy users) get up and running.

HP LaserJet Pro M1217NFW Printer Driver Download
At some point I had to scan 3 pages, but the scanner was only 2 pages, in the 3rd he has blocked and stored only the first two. Then I got back assistance through the support, make this time, you do it. But everything did not work, the scanner has only max. 2 pages to edit. Nothing went I thought that it is up to the software. Then I uninstalled the printer by means of the software. Then the cable is connected with USB, but the PC is no longer responded to the printer.

HP LaserJet Pro M1217NFW Software Driver Download

HP LaserJet Pro M1217NFW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver HP LaserJet Pro M1217NFW
We were looking for an affordable multifunction device (AiO) with network functionality, in particular for use with Mac OS X 10.7 and a Time Capsule. The printer (and, incidentally, the copier) is working properly, the scanner function was to obtain at all, only with drivers from the Internet in operation, the driver on the CD did not work. But even with the loaded drivers had to get the mediocre scan and hardly defensible long scan time of HP directors content (about 2 minutes at a resolution of 600x600, at least about 1 minute at 300x300). A system-wide recognition of the scanner (digital photos, Preview, Photoshop etc.) has anyway not working, either under USB, nor via Ethernet.

Download Driver Printer HP LaserJet Pro M1217NFW
Finally remain to complain that the HP Director, a highly Spartan application from the early days of the computer, no preview or print Selection of the scan area allows. Rather, the motto is: "do or die!" The finished scans must therefore, in principle - to be reworked at least under Mac OS X 10.7. Stay away from this unit when new (with Windows 7 and newer Linux distributions seem's loud comments on the Internet to run also not good)! For older systems may well go now. I have now instead a Brother MFC 7360N ordered mine who is on top of that even more favorable.


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