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Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Download Driver Brother HL-3070CW

Brother HL-3070CW Driver Download. The Brother HL-3070CW boasts a host of connectivity options rarely found on entry-level printers, including Pictbridge and Wlan. But the printing costs are far too high. With the HL-3040CN and HL-3070CW models, the Japanese manufacturer Brother is entering the color printing market for the first time with LED technology. This goes hand in hand with a more compact design and fewer moving parts. The GDI * 1 base model HL-3040CN can be controlled via USB and network, the higher-quality HL-3070CW has just about 50 euros more in addition to a Pictbridge interface and USB direct printing. Wlan is integrated and the printer languages ​​PCL6 and Postscript are included. More on this page paper handling, interfaces and operation of this test.

Both devices are entry-level models and can not be extended by a duplex unit for automatic two-sided printing or another paper cassette, so they are rather designed for low print volumes. Brother gives the devices a three-hour, 48-hour on-site warranty. The test is the Brother HL-3070CW, which is for about 350 euros (RRP) in the trade.

The HL-3070CW is surprisingly well equipped for a beginner device: Wlan and printing of memory cards can hardly be found here. There are also three years on-site warranty and the "Blue Angel" certificate. In addition, he prints true to the document according to PTSexternal link. That sounds good and nice. But the printing costs are so high that one should consider carefully to buy this printer.

Brother HL-3070CW Drivers & Software Download
Brother HL-3070CW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-3070CW for Window, Mac and Linux
On the ink market, there are significantly cheaper devices that are now synonymous with the printing costs are not so high book - see page " The printing costs " in this review. The paper cassette can hold up to 250 sheets (picture left), the media weights should be between 60 and 105 g / m². A locking device against accidental withdrawal does not exist, either you have it in your hand, or it falls to the ground.

In the multi-purpose tray (right) you can only insert one sheet at a time, it handles media weights up to 163g / m² and also processes envelopes and labels, but no transparencies . There is no optional second paper cassette. The duplex printing is only possible if you turn the sheets by hand. In the driver there is an illustrated manual. The paper tray should hold 100 sheets. A sensor for limiting the recording is not available. But after about 50 to 60 prints, it can happen that the sheets push each other out of the bin and fall to the ground (picture left).

If you open the flap on the back of the printer, the media is output here. But with the format A4 (picture right) is missing a sufficiently large catching device. Brother recommends this output tray for thick paper, labels, and envelopes. The HL-3070CW can be controlled via USB and network (picture left). In addition, he can operate on wifi. On the front is an interface for Pictbridge or USB stick (picture right).

This USB slot also supports the Pictbridge standard. Digital cameras can be connected with a suitable cable, even if they are not in the Pictbridge mode or are not intended for this standard. The printer will recognize it as a normal storage device. Also, the connection of a multi-format memory card reader is easily possible (right picture).

The printable formats are

  1. PDF
  2. JPEG
  3. XPS * 1

Other formats such as PRN or TIFF will only recognize the device if they have been scanned or created with Brother products. Since only the name of the file to be printed appears on the display, including only eight numbers or letters, it is very useful to name files with a well recognizable name. Helpful here is the index print, of all files in a folder or in the root directory. The index also prints the name of files with a format unknown to the printer.

Installing the driver for wireless data transfer is very easy. This is especially easy if you have previously operated the device over a network. After installing the wi-fi driver, unplug only the network cable and then wirelessly run the Brother HL-3070CW. Driver installation without a network cable is also uncomplicated, but takes much longer. For secure data transfer (encryption), Brother offers a variety of methods, up to 64 user IDs and up to 32-character passwords. The Brother HL-3070CW has a clear driver (picture on the right) that works with two tabs and still offers easy access to all functions.

The control panel
The control panel consists of a single-line backlit display (left), a navigation menu menu (center) and three buttons (right). The display is only reasonably readable if you stand exactly vertically in front of it. If you sit in front of you as a wheelchair user, there is nothing to read. And if you stand directly above the printer, nothing is synonymous. No good solution. With the navigation system (middle) can be easily scroll through the menu, if necessary, the data can be easily printed. The review sample has a comprehensive security package that can be configured through the IP address of the printer.

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