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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Download Driver Brother HL-L6400DW

Brother HL-L6400DW Drivers Download. The printer Brother HL-L6400DW is not the top model of Brother in the field of monolaser devices, for semi-professionals, but it is ideally suited. In terms of price, it is also good for the home office, and the non-multifunctional Brother HL-L6400DW takes up relatively little space. It needs his place, but it is manageable. Also, the weight is portable: about 13 kg. And it also makes sense to reserve him a permanent place, after all, if you do not want to get the printer out of the attic, the store or the cellar every time, and then clean up again to save space, that's no fun at all.

All good things come in threes: Brother receives a three-year Print AirBag. That creates trust, after all, you do not want to spend money every two or three years either at home or in the office and invest in a new printer. The conditions of participation and further information on such. For example, the online registration after purchase can be obtained on the websites of Brother. Core competence: Printing. Not more but also not less.

Our conclusion in advance: 
If you have the space or the space to create, looking for a well-functioning printer that focuses on the core competence, then you should have found it here.

Duplex printing, ie double-sided printing, is the stand-alone feature of the HL-L6400DW. Even before you have counted to ten, the first page is already printed. It will be up to 46 pages maximum per minute. And only a little more than ten minutes later, the paper supply would have been used up. But let's face it, who needs this printing speed today (still)? If you are already on the way to a paperless office for years that usually does not work, but the rapid mass printing can be avoided at least. Much more important to us here is the reliability and the qualitative expression that the customer rightly expects and gets here as well.

Simplex printing and duplex printing: the straight data refers to the one-sided printing. With duplex printing, printouts of up to 24 pages or 12 sheets per minute are possible. The way to the paperless office is still far, but at least one saves on a two-sided expression half of paper and protects the environment by the way. A small step. And of course you expect a simple integration into the already existing network infrastructure and the office environment. Ethernet in the Gigabit version is on board and on the board. Just like WLAN (802.11n). Do you need more interfaces? We mean: no. The equipment is contemporary and sufficient. Another option is desirable and useful: USB direct printing is not possible with this model.

Brother HL-L6400DW (T) Driver Download

Brother HL-L6400DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother HL-L6400DW
Brother HL-L6400DW Safe printing: the secure print can be activated by means of a 4-digit PIN. In the home office you will not need this feature, but in the office this feature can be used quite well. And who does not like that someone else changes the laboriously made attitudes, which can unerringly be prevented with a likewise 4-digit PIN. Forward-looking is the integration of Google's Cloud Print or AirPrint Apple. Here you save the detour via the PC or the notebook and can print directly from the smartphone or of course from the tablet. And of course, Brother also delivers its own app: iPrint & Scan. Expression made easy.

Quality can only be seen after years, and so it will only become apparent over time how reliable the HL-L6400 from Brother works. And even the first toner change will take some time to wait, and then beats with about € 150, for the drum unit (30,000 pages) or € 80, for a spare cassette TN3430 (3,000 pages) or Euro 135, for a larger replacement cassette TN3480 (8,000 pages) or Euro 150, for an even larger spare cassette TN3512 (12,000 pages) to book. The (daily) price for it moves in the frame, but of course you should also keep track of these follow-up costs.

One of the non-inevitable follow-up costs is, for example, the purchase of an equivalent model with 3 paper cassettes, which however increases the space requirement and at the same time reduces the budget. Touch-IT: Not noticeable is the manageable 4.5cm touch screen, which still brings all the important information to the display.

Of course, simple should not just be the first commissioning, the ongoing operation should be as simple as possible. And this Brother HL-L6400DW lives up to its promise. Plug'n'Print. Connecting and printing. And should it sometimes not work so easily: on the homepage of Brother can be found in the download area all the required and necessary information.

The Brother HL-L6400DW A4 monochrome laser printer 46ppm (print, scan, copy, fax, 1200x1200 dpi, so all that's the key data of the printer.) And for our first laser printer, the enthusiasm is enormous and great print image and incredibly fast and for our small office the ideal companion.No criticism and so far very satisfied. Overall WiFi for beginners and I like that a lot. It must be straightforward if a device is to be integrated into the home network. Generous and thus much cheaper than inkjet printers make sense. The speed is also positive. The high power consumption should encourage not to keep the printers online all the time. So in short, Brother builds great printer and the price is on closer inspection completely okay.


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