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Download Driver Brother MFC-J4710DW

Brother MFC-J4710DW Driver Download. So far, a black and white laser printer also from Brother, took over my relatively manageable print volume in the private sector. Although the boy has a couple of years under his belt, he still purrs cleanly and efficiently through everyday life. Copies and scans, however, I always done in the copy shop around the corner. With the Brother DCP-J4120DW, I now kill three birds with one stone. Print, copy, scan and that even completely wireless, because it can be integrated into the in-house Wi-Fi network. My test, which (unfortunately) turned out a bit in detail.

The exterior:
- Weight: 7.5 kg
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 48 x 30 x 16 cm (always measured at the widest point)
- Scanning area: 30 x 22.7 cm
- Function keypad with integrated touch screen (5.5 x 4.5 cm) at an angle up to 45 ° continuously adjustable
- Power cable length: 1.70 m

The processing:
Everything in At first, the Brother makes a solid and stable impression. However, on closer inspection, it reveals some flaws in some "corners":
► The paper guide in the paper cassette has rather thin plastic rails (1.7 mm), which probably should not be used very often and above all very carefully, otherwise they could break off.
► The front paper tray (paper ejector) does not necessarily make a solid, long-lasting impression. When pulling out or pushing in you should not act too raw violence. The 5 mm thick plastic looks pretty wobbly and lavede.
► ATTENTION! The adjustable in its inclination display (LCD) panel should necessarily be brought back to its starting point with the locking button located behind. It can also be folded back without it (as I found out), but that should significantly reduce its durability. (Sometimes you should just read the manual carefully ;-))
► The scan cover can be raised by approx. 3 cm and leveled on z. B. inserted books are placed. However, here are the two rear hinges made of plastic and should be another weak point in terms of longevity.

The Brother MFC-J4710DW drivers installation:
The device was installed on my OS X (Mac) and fully integrated into the wireless network. After about 35 minutes it was ready for use. There was absolutely no problems / ambiguities in the installation, even when inserting the printer cartridges. Everything is explained clearly on the enclosed leaflet and also in the display of the Brother and is otherwise intuitively comprehensible.

Maybe for one or the other very helpful, so here in short form the commissioning process:
1. Adjust the paper guide in the paper cassette
2. Connect the mains cable -> the jingle sounds, the printer rattles a bit -> Notice in the display that no printer cartridges are installed and graphic instructions on how to do this
3. Printer cartridges paint accordingly -> previously remove protective covers in the printer cartridge slot and on the cartridges themselves
4. After closing the cover, an automatic initialization and cleaning is carried out, then test print to check the print quality,
5. Set date / time
6. Automatic printing of the software Installation Guide for PC
7. Download complete driver and software package (101.1 MB installation file size)
8. Configure WLAN

Time required for the individual work steps:
1.-3 .: approx. 15 min
4. approx. 4 min
7. approx. 12 min
8. approx. 2 min

Brother MFC-J4710DW Driver & Software Download

Brother MFC-J4710DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-J4710DW
The Brother model includes WLAN. For installation you do not have to - as many read - take the detour via the USB cable. In my case (Mac OS - WLAN), the installation also worked completely wirelessly. A USB cable was not necessary!

Brother MFC-J4710DW Operation / diverse functionalities:
► The device can be absolutely easy to operate via color touch screen. The menu navigation is logical, intuitive and very easy to understand. Only the pressure point of the touch screen field sometimes reacts a bit cumbersome and only with a second "touch".
► A USB connection is integrated. To plug in a cover must be opened on the left front side.
► Also behind this left-hand cover you will find a memory card slot and the Pictbridge interface.
► Thanks to Apple's Airprint (or Google Cloudprint) and a free downloadable Brother App from the App Store you can also control this device (in my case) via iPhone and iPad. The mobile printing works perfectly and trouble-free.
► Also integrated is a duplex unit, ie it is possible to automatically print the front and back of a sheet.
► A3 printing is also possible due to a customized paper cassette (in it the paper is transverse, not as usual). The A3 print itself works via the single sheet feeder on the back of the device. I can not confirm the criticism of others for the clean and straight indentation of the leaf. For me, everything was always fed correctly and text thus printed horizontally.
► Fax delivery is not possible.
► The paper feed from the paper cassette is not exactly silent, but quite trouble-free. Only when the cassette is too full, some irritations such as wrinkled pages or error messages in the display can occur. Therefore prefer to load a little less paper (max 150 sheets -> better only 100 sheets)
► The pressure level is also not exactly whisper-quiet, but it is within the normal range.
► When not in use, the display switches to a display display saving mode (less bright light intensity) after approx. 30 seconds and to energy-saving mode after 5 minutes (slowly flashing house symbol). For complete shutdown there is an on / off switch, which plays an acoustic signal (jingle) when pressed.
► The scanning surface cover can be raised up to 3 cm (advantageous for books, for example) and is still flat, of course, thicker books are synonymous, but then the cover is slanted and influenced by the light the scan quality (faded edges )

► The following scan end formats are possible:
- Scan to Image: .jpg, .bmp, .tif, .png, .pdf
- Scan to Text (OCR): .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .htm, .xls -> The following programs are supported: Word, Excel, OCR, iWork Pages, iWork Numbers, Apple Text Edit
- Scan to E-Mail: .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .png, .bmp, .docx, .pptx -> The following programs are supported : Apple Mail, Outlook
- Scan to File: .pdf, .jpg, .tif, .png, .bmp, .docx, .pptx Workstep

► After starting a print from On one side, the device takes about 6 ... 7 seconds to initialize (in many pages even much longer, my test was 17 seconds at 10 pages), before it even gets going. That can sometimes be a bit restless. But over time you get used to this start delay.
► The pure text printing is quite fast. With color or double-sided printing, the whole thing slows down a bit.
► Even with the pure preview scan, the device is not necessarily the fastest.

Some stopped times (including the initialization time):
► Print
- A4 black / white one-sided: 18 sec (1 page); 1:02 min (10 pages)
- A4 black and white two-sided: 30 sec (2 pages); 2:20 min (10 pages)
- A4 color (photo): just under 2 min
► Scanning
- A4 one page: 25 sec
► Copy
- A4 black / white 10 copies: 1:02 min
- A4 color (book cover): 20 sec

Brother MFC-J4710DW Print / Image quality:
► Text printing on plain paper produces fairly bright letters that are a bit rough at the edges, but overall the print quality is fairly good.
► When printing on special paper, the Brother proves to be a multifunction device without blemish.
► Color prints on plain paper are a bit pale and not quite as luminous, but with a neat edge definition.
► Color printing on photo paper, however, succeeds with very good quality and, above all, high naturalness.
► The scan sharpness has in my opinion still a little margin up. It should be a bit higher. Apart from quite strong reds and blues, the color scheme is fine.
► There is almost nothing to complain about the copy quality. The ink application remains a bit meager, but does not matter much. Details are still worked out well, especially with color copies.

- 4 cartridges
- detailed installation instruction in words and pictures
- User Getting Started (detailed user guides can be downloaded on the website of Brother or read online)
- Attention: There is no USB cable included contain! For integration into the wireless network but also not required (not even for installation)
- Also not included is a cover or dust cover. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a suitable or accurate model in the network so far. Since I use the device at home and do not necessarily use it constantly, this is indispensable for me.

All in all, the Brother MFC-J4710DW proves to be a good home all-rounder with few deficiencies, but also not absolutely outstanding highlights. The approximately 45° adjustable control panel with the touch screen and the duplex unit have emerged for me, however, as a special treat. For use in the office, I consider the device due to the mentioned processing qualities and the expected high costs of cartridge replacement (even if cartridges are used with long ranges) for not unconditional suitable. I also find it worth mentioning that he is certified to the "Blue Angel". This is rather rare with multifunction devices of this size.


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