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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Download Driver Brother MFC-L5800DW

Brother MFC-L5800DW Drivers Download. Domestic use or business? The requirements are different, and accordingly one should also select his printer. What good is a business printer with standard features that are far too few, and what good is it for a normal person to have a huge knocker who can do more than he needs and just eat up space unnecessarily? Therefore, you should know exactly what you need. Like this Brother MFC-L5800DW, a household does not really need it, while a business can do it well. For our small business, I sent a test item of the printer manufactured by Brother and tested it directly after arrival with colleagues, and the conclusion was quite mixed. But from the beginning...

The Brother MFC-L5800DW printer is delivered very well packed. Wiggling can not do anything, and if not used improperly, the printer can not do anything during transport. But attention, just under 17 kg brings this colleague on the scales, there is caution when unpacking offered - there should be at least 2 people help. Logically, our first glimpse first went through the first clues that showed us where to remove something. Films and the like were not only easy to locate due to the very good imaging, but also very easy to remove at the same time. Once done, take a quick look at the manual and then connect the printer to the mains. Immediately following, we connected him to the company computer.

The installation does not have to be done by download (THANKS BROTHER!), here you get a CD provided. This may not be pleasant for everyone, but we came across with joy, since we could not rely on a CD on our somewhat older device from HP either and the server was either unavailable for several hours or so slow to respond that it nearly downloads nothing was going. Thanks to the CD, that's not a problem. From the Brother MFC-L5800DW driver installation you should expect no hurdles, everything is explained step by step. In less than 10 minutes we had done everything, downloaded all the additional programs and was looking forward to the first use.

Brother MFC-L5800DW Driver & Software Download

Brother MFC-L5800DW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-L5800DW
Now it came to the first small use: the attitudes. The display of the printer responds perfectly, as many other devices can cut off a slice of! No jerking, no delay, no reaction problems, nothing - it works smoothly and perfectly! There are only a few things to do in terms of settings, most of them are directly preset.

Two small disappointments came to the point, however: We realized that there is no WiFi function and also that no Bluetooth is supported. No problem at all, we simply replaced the HP printer with the Brother and put the old device where the Brother should actually be, but it's still a pity.

Unfortunately, the second problem was also noticed only with the first real test. Color printing is not supported by the laser printer and this is due to the fact that we did not read the details thoroughly enough, but on the other hand it was surprising, because for 500 € and even more, that would not be bad, if not even wireless Usage is present. Why is that stupid? Because our letterheads simply can not be printed in black-and-white-gray, but have to be printed and sent in color.

At least you can not complain when processing, which is very good. Although it is almost completely made of plastic, but you should just not underestimate plastic. Also, nothing wobbles and nothing can fall, everything sits as tight as it should sit. If you think about purchasing this laser printer, you should not ignore the measures! You should already have about 70 x 70 cm space, you want to use the scan and copy function.

By the way, we can not detect any problems in terms of volume. Overall, it moves in a more than good frame - not too loud, and you can always quiet it with the associated function, which we do not need. All in all the Brother MFC-L5800DW is a great workmanship, excellent print quality, more than decent volume, handling very easy and the touchpad works incredibly well! The only thing that is more than unproductive for us is the lack of support for Wifi and Bluetooth and the fact that you can not print in color. Although this goes back to my mistake, but met with little love, because you expected more for the price.

The follow-up costs should be kept in mind for the cartridges, as it is much more expensive. We give a total of 4 stars maybe I can in the future, if the tempers have calmed, also give 5, because overall everything is running. Unfortunately we can not unfortunately replace our main printer, who sometimes has his quirks and this Brother MFC-L5800DW will initially only include copies, test prints and the like.

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