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Canon Pixma MG6240 Driver Download. The Canon Pixma MG6240 printer works without wires with the support of Google cloud and Air Print and very convenient refueling of the original Carthage and the ability to put the USC, CISS. It seems that the two-sided printing does not use the word pigment ink, text looks a little paler. We'll have to refuel more often black cartridge? The rest is very conditional and disadvantages in fact are not. Well maybe inferior in print speed and quality of the texts, only under a magnifying glass laser printer.

Canon Pixma MG6240 Printer Driver Download
I am not a professional and all the disadvantages mentioned in other reviews, I do not notice. The forums are no curses color reproduction. I think if something is not satisfied, then you need to learn how to work with color profiles. The Canon Pixma MG6240 print quality is very satisfied. Excellent pictures. He published brochures on photo paper, but everything is fine, too. 

Canon Pixma MG6240 Software Driver Download

Canon Pixma MG6240 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Canon Pixma MG6240
Once tucked paint the OCP, the changes are not noticed. Uncomfortable only that now do not know the level of ink, but sales should appear comfortable PCO, maybe it's too much refill original cartridges is not difficult. Given the cost of the paint, even assuming a small savings when printing black and white documents in comparison with a laser printer over WiFi work very handy, the printer is in a secluded place. Canon Pixma MG6240 printing without problems not only with the PC, but and tablets / phones on Android and iOS, only need to put the latest firmware.

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MG6240
Overall this Canon Pixma MG6240 printer is beautiful and touch buttons are working like clockwork. The presence of Wi-Fi but no normal software. With that comes to work hard. There is no possibility to create and save color profile for the subsequent work. Still could not figure out how to get the printer to print less pink. My copy is lying with pink color, fills them pictures. Printing on CD sucks. Ink fall ill, you can not with your fingers touch the surface of the disk, otherwise there will be an artifact. Print quality is poor on the disc, settings, how not climb, I could not win. Prior to this, the printer was Epson R220 a nice workhorse. And wonderful photos done and on disks printed juicy and quality. Sorry, R220 died, I bought this, not satisfied.


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